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MAY 2017 | Been to London, Bought the T-Shirt, Back in Sydney

Brad is an Aussie teacher who has just returned to Sydney after spending nearly 2 years living and teaching with Protocol in London! Fair to say he’s had an amazing time and he’s given us a few pointers to spread to other prospective teachers planning their UK move!


1)  What are three bits of advice you’d give teachers thinking about making the move to teach in the UK?

  1. Do supply (casual relief) teaching first; it lets you settle in and gives you an opportunity to see how different schools are run and find one that would be the right fit for you. A lot of schools do things their "own way" and can be hard to adjust!
  2. It's going to take time to settle in! It took me a month before we even had somewhere to live! Patience is the key.
  3. Just do it! You only regret what you don't do! If you don't like it, at least you gave it a try!

2) What was your best experience/destination travelling?

My favourite destination(s) would have to be Amsterdam and Barcelona. Both amazing cities and so completely different from London. Of course London is and always will be my favourite European city!


3) What was your best experience teaching in UK schools?

My best experience was working in one school doing PPA cover (floating in house casual teacher.) When I found out I would be covering a Nursery class for 1 full day a week and 1 half day, I was unsure of my ability at first. 6 months later and I could see how the class was developing and learning and how they would respond to me (instead of just staring at me like I was an alien from another planet). Trying to bake bread for me was the most fun I think I have ever had in a classroom (The mess afterwards! Not so much!!!) (Lucky we had 2 Sainsbury's loaves on standby!)

4) …and your worst teaching experience(be honest!)?

Worst experience was teaching Year 5 one day and 2 boys decided that the front of the classroom would be a great spot to imitate the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight. Punches were thrown and I had to step in and pull them away. Never went back to that school again; my Protocol agent was very understanding!

5) What do teachers NOT need to worry about before moving over (ie: what myths aren’t true…)?

Children in London schools are not well behaved". Overall I found most children to be well behaved during my time in the UK. Of course there were exceptions (see #4 above), but I personally don’t think that they are any worse than in Australia. Just need to be firm and consistent with your behaviour management (like in Australia)


6) What do you wish you knew before making the move?

  1. I wish I knew not to go through a particular independently run real estate agent who took 2 months to process our application! Frustrating is an understatement!
  2. Red tape in the UK is particularly frustrating, especially post-Brexit. Protocol are very helpful in assisting you in getting a bank account sorted, and recommending places to live!
  3. When you go for a mobile phone company choose ‘3’; they have mobile all you can eat data plans! Found out 2 months in! Life saver! (edit: Protocol post out free ‘3’ SIM cards during your registration process!)
  4. Harrow is a great place to live! Took us a month to realise that!#
  5. Living in Zone 5 isn't bad!


7) Why would you recommend Protocol?

I would highly recommend Protocol to anyone who is thinking about moving to teach in the UK, they have professional consultants who are always doing their best to find you work in your local area. Glenn, Antonio (North West London Office) Kiesha (Uxbridge office) and Mitch (Sydney office), were always friendly and helpful when any situations came about! They have contacts in dozens of schools in the Harrow / Uxbridge area (North West London, Zone 5) which in turn will lead to tons of work for you. Payment was always made on time and at the correct rate!

They are a great agency and one I would not hesitate to join again if I could do it all over again!


Keen to find out more or just see what your options are for teaching in the UK? Get in touch with your local consultants today!

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