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So Many Teaching Agencies - So Why Choose Us?

Mitch Jones is one of our Australian based recruitment consultants working with teachers from NSW, the ACT and Tasmania. In his latest blog he helps you decide why you should choose Protocol for your experience teaching in England.


Unlike most areas of Australia (which are quite regulated by their local departments for casual work), teaching agencies like Protocol Education are absolutely essential for schools in England – without them they simply wouldn’t survive. They are even more essential for you as a teacher – without them you’d simply not survive either!

If you’ve been to your university careers fair or simply done a Google search you may have noticed the sheer number of agencies that are out there all selling the same message – there are literally dozens. Most are based solely in the UK, some just focus on certain areas of London and others won’t even allow you to register until you arrive in England. So what separates Protocol Education from the competition – and why should you choose us for your UK teaching experience?


1) We’re big - we work with nearly 1000 schools in London (and over 3500 across England!)
Protocol Education is recognised as being the largest education staffing business in England – and the single busiest for work in London! In fact, we put more teachers into work than nearly all of our competitors combined! Don’t take the risk with small agencies who may struggle to keep you busy. We have 3 separate offices in London so it doesn’t matter where you live, you’ll get work in the capital. You can even work outside of London too in places like Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds and Newcastle!


2) We’re big, but we’re personal – we have staff in Australia but also dedicated support staff in England too
When you register for your UK teaching trip (we recommend about 5-6 months before you want to leave) you’ll speak with a local consultant; someone actually based in Australia. No late night phone calls or delayed conversations via email; we’re on the same time zone as you which makes your move over so much easier. Once you arrive you’ve also got specific local consultants and also an international team (based in London) whose job is to make sure you enjoy a smooth transition from your old home to your new one! We can even meet with you in person before you leave; see here!


3) You’ll never be short of work...
Given that we work with over 3500 schools across England you can understand why we are so busy. But if you want casual work without the risk we can guarantee you work – even before you leave Australia! No catches, nothing extra to pay, no reduction in your rate of pay – just a guarantee from us that if we can’t find you enough casual work then we’re still going to pay you. Want to know how it all works? Check this out.


4) ...And you’ll never be short of friends either
We know it can be such an exciting trip to teach in England however, if you’re travelling by yourself, it can be an incredibly lonely one too. This is where we step in; our Teachers Services department hosts frequent events like pub nights, teacher dinners, London theatre shows, travel evenings (where we get companies like Contiki, Top Deck and Busabout to come in and offer discounts & freebies) and also an annual Boat Party down the River Thames in London! We host these events to encourage Aussie teachers to get out there & meet more Aussie teachers, so when you work with Protocol you’ll always end up with friends for life.


5) You’re never locked in to anything when working with Protocol
At Protocol we don’t have contracts; you work when you want and you take time off when you want. Just snapped up a £10 return flight to Paris and want to spend a 4 day weekend? Let us know and we’ll make sure we don’t look for work for you on those days. Want to take an extra week of school holidays and avoid the crowds? Tell your consultant – they’ll be extremely jealous but will have your name ready on the hot list when you return for work! Feeling homesick and want to fly back home for a bit? No worries at all – because we don’t operate on contracts you’re never obliged to do any work; you dictate to us when you want to work, not the other way around.


6) We work with all types of schools, not just ‘those’ London ones...
We’ve all heard the stereotype of English schools; street smart kids with teachers getting overworked & under loved. These schools do exist – and we do work with them – but the vast majority of the over 3500 schools we work with are fantastic. We work with government schools, religious schools (Christian, Islamic, Jewish etc) and also those amazing private & independent schools that you hear so much about.  Have a particular preference or request? Let us know and we’ll tailor our search so we can only try and find you work in those schools!


7) We help with everything – work, accommodation, bank accounts, tax – the lot
The staff from Protocol Education Australia have over 30 years collective experience in education recruitment; we have worked with literally 1000’s of Aussie teachers making the move to England to teach.  In this time we’ve worked out what works and what doesn’t; things like what areas to live in (and, more importantly, which ones to avoid), the best way to transfer money (hint: don’t use banks and don’t use travel cards!), the quickest way to organise a British bank account and also how to secure a job in your dream school. Our job is to make sure your move to the UK is a smooth one so we will help you out with all of your questions before you leave home, but also continue the support once you arrive.


8) You don't have to register with an umbrella company to work with us (and we don't reduce your pay either!)

Many agencies nowadays strongly encourage their teachers to register with an outsourced payroll company called an 'umbrella company' or a 'limited company'. Amongst other things, it allows them to dodge a fee known as an 'Employer National Insurance Contribution'; something that all employers are required to pay. When you register with an umbrella company this cost is passed on to you, so effectively you're paying a fee that your agency should be paying. When you're working 5 days per week this fee is about £65 per week.

On top of this you have to pay the umbrella company a fee as well, If you're working 5 days per week it is around £25 a week.

So you do the maths; if you work for 5 days in any given week, you're often paying a minimum of £90 just to be paid. And this has a big impact on your take home pay.

Don't be fooled by agencies pushing umbrella companies; they suit them more than they suit you. Protocol Education do not require teachers to register with an umbrella company to work in the UK. If for whatever reason you choose to do so we will still pay you, however our default option for employess is to be paid by our in house PAYE payroll department.  We have our own payroll department and pay you directly - not through an outsourced umbrella company - so your take home pay is maximised when you work with Protocol Education.

You can read more here.

Keen to register with the UK teaching agency that more Aussie teachers choose than any other? Get in touch today with us either by submitting a quick & easy online enquiry or contacting us directly!

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