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What you need to know before you go!

Heading to the UK for a January start? Read on for our top tips for getting the most out of your Overseas Experience…..

Let’s face it, when you step off that plane at Heathrow airport in the peak of winter, thongs and board shorts, just aren’t going to cut it!

With just a 23 kilo (or thereabouts) allowance what do you really need to squeeze into your back pack…??
When it comes to winter clothes…think layers…you will find that you spend the best part of a winters day peeling off and replacing layers of clothing as the majority of buildings have central heating.
Do invest in a good pair of boots and a good winter coat. You are unlikely to find one in Oz at this time of year, so wait until you get there and hit the shops to pick up a post Christmas bargain. Shopping in the UK is affordable and there is so much more choice…. pop into Marks & Spencer, Zara, Topshop/Topman, H & M or New Look to pick up the latest UK styles.

You want to be prepared for your UK teaching experience, but it really is unrealistic to think that you can take all of your resources with you. Buy yourself some memory sticks and take your resources that way. All Protocol offices have resource centres where you can get more resources together post arrival.

Where are you going to live when you arrive?
If you have a friend or family living over there do take them up on the offer of the couch, it is a great starting place for you and always nice to have a friendly face when you first arrive.

If you are not lucky enough to have someone that you can stay with, don’t worry. Book yourself into a hostel or hotel/B&B (we can recommend some) for around 5 nights and then you can get over your jet lag and start the hunt for something more longer term.

If you are in London, check out our accommodation partners Arrive Homes and Accommodation London for great deals on shared and sole occupancy accommodation. Remember the majority of rental properties in the UK are fully furnished (no need to rush out and buy a fridge and bed). Bedding and towels are generally all that you need to buy, for these head to Argos and Primark where you can buy really affordable linen.

Dose yourself up with Vitamin C to survive the English winter and ensure that you are not the cover teacher that needs covering! Boots or Superdrug is the place to head to for all your vitamin and toiletries. Look out for the “3 for the price of 2”deals in both stores.

Want to send some money over to the UK, but not sure how to do it? Click on this link Tranzfers to find out how you can have everything set up and ready to go before you leave Australia. As soon as you have your UK bank account with just a click of a mouse you can transfer your money across…. I have used them and have to report that they are fantastic, straightforward, speedy and offer a really competitive rate all for just a flat fee of $15.

Buying Groceries – UK supermarkets are an Aladdin’s Cave. Head down to Tesco, Sainsburys or Asda for heaps of choice at affordable prices and if you fancy splurging check out Waitrose or Marks & Spencer. Yummy!

Need more info? Check out our UK website or call your Australian consultant – we have all lived in the UK! Don't forget to add us on Facebook too!

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