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Teaching in Manchester UK: Primary School Games

Caitlin is a Primary School Teacher working in Manchester through Protocol Education, and you can read her previous blogs here.

Drama Role Play Scenarios

I have completed this drama activity twice while supply teaching. Once with year 3-4 and the second time was with year 6 who had previously mentioned they were worried about beginning high school and being bullied. If you have a particularly difficult class whilst on supply then I wouldn’t recommend it as students can be difficult to manage when they are involved in drama. It can be tricky to control the noise level and of course children can get carried away with ridiculous story lines and props and all go a bit nuts! However if you do have a somewhat sensible class it is a lot of fun and it’s a good, inclusive way to spend an hour at the end of the day. 

How to Begin...

For an introduction ask the students to share an issue at school they have had in the past. Eg. Not being included in a game, a friend constantly copying your class work.
Explain to the students that you are going to divide them into groups of four. Each group will be given a scenario, see below. They must write a three minute script and perform the scenario with a positive solution. You could go one step further and ask them to perform both a positive and negative solution.
Divide the students into groups, try to ensure an even number of boys and girls and give them the paper explaining their scenario. While they are working move some of the tables so there is plenty of room for a stage. It usually takes the students about 20 minutes for the students to write their script and rehearse their play and 30 minutes for performances including reflection questions. Before the performances begin discuss the qualities of a ‘good audience’ eg. Facing the front, not fiddling, listening and clapping at the end.
  1. Chloe and Ella decided to do their project together. Chloe took it home on the weekend to complete but left it at home on Monday and did not complete her part of it as promised.
  2. No matter how many times he asks, the boys won’t let Anthony join in the lunchtime football game.
  3. It is Amanda’s birthday party this weekend. You expect to get an invitation but you don’t. All your friends are invited.
  4. Your best friend continually tells you what you should wear, how you should look and what you should do to be ‘cool’. You are happy they way you are.
  5. Jake and Sam decide to walk home from school the long way. They see two classmates damaging a telephone box.
  6. You plan to see a movie with friends during the school holidays, but no one can agree on what to see. Your best friend becomes upset and says she won’t go if she doesn’t get her pick.
  7. You bring your CD collection to school. Antonio tells the class that you listen to ‘baby stuff’.
  8. Marianna has lots to tell her friends but no one is listening to her. Every time she speaks someone interrupts and speaks over her.
  9. Dimitri pays for Ivan’s lunch and bus fare because Ivan left his money at home. Ivan promised to pay the money back to Dimitri as soon as he got home.
  10. Emma tells her friend a secret. She trusted her friend not to tell anyone, but when she returned to the class two other girls knew.
Reflection Questions
At the end of each performance ask some of the following questions
  • Who can identify what the problem was?
  • What did you like about the group’s performance?
  • Do you think the group resolved the problem effectively?
  • Is this something that could happen to you?
  • Have you ever been in a situation similar to this? What did you do?
  • Why do you think I chose your groups instead of letting you choose your own?
If you have some scenarios that haven’t been used yet and some time left you could choose some of more outgoing students to be involved in an impromptu play.
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