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Markets Galore!

Stuck for something to do this weekend? Why not visit some markets? Here are Alison's top suggestions. 

Now that the midterm coming to an end, and you’ve hopefully done everything you need to do for next week (or last!), you might be feeling a bit stumped in terms of what to do with all your new-found free time. We all know that London is perhaps not the cheapest of places in terms of shopping or sightseeing, so I have devised a very unoriginal way of combining both activities so that you can kill two proverbial birds with the one stone – markets!

Yes, it is true that the thing I love most about London is its huge array of markets, for whatever your heart (or stomach!) desires. So, in a bid to share my enthusiasm with others, here are my top three markets (in no particular order) that I believe definitely deserve your acquaintance at some point during your time in London.


As I live within walking distance of this market, I must admit that I am quite biased when it comes to including it in my top three. Having said that, I think the market speaks in greatness for itself – it is packed to the brims with hundreds of homemade curios and knick-knacks that you really cannot find anywhere else. And even if the cost is a little outside of your price range, the atmosphere of the market itself makes it a worthwhile visit. If it’s not trinkets you’re after, you will not be disappointed by the multiplicity of cuisines they offer inside the market, which you can enjoy in the park nearby. Best of all, the market is all indoors, so you won’t need to be traipsing around London with a burdensome umbrella either!


I know, I know – how stereotypical of me! But I truly believe that Camden is so touristy for a reason – it is an absolutely fabulous market. Like Greenwich, the streets of Camden are heaped with various bric-a-brac, and if its fashion you’re into, whatever your style, you will find it in Camden. Camden is also great for the throngs of alternative stationary and book shops, so if you’re struggling to think of what to do with your class, it’s a great place to go look for some inspiration. And because we all love food so much (well, me anyway!), Camden offers a real hustle and bustle amidst hordes of restaurants and kiosks offering grub from all over the world. Well worth the encounters with overly zealous and annoyingly slow-walking tourists!


Deptford is an area of London soaked in Caribbean culture, and the weekend market there, albeit small, is well worth a stroll-through on a sunny Sunday morning. Admittedly, the stalls do not offer much in the way of variety, and there are plenty of items you most likely would not dream of purchasing, but Deptford is special because of the atmosphere it offers to visitors. The high street is full of local shops and businesses, and whichever service you’re in need of, you can find it there. And because I am so obsessed with food, this one is not one to be missed as the soul food you can find here is probably the most authentic in all of London. Just be sure you can handle your spices!

So there you have it – three different areas you can visit instead of sitting at home bored. Of course, there are other markets too, like Covent Garden or the Shoreditch area. But if you’re up for something a little different and a lot more authentic, then these three are not to be missed!

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