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Ben shares what he feels is the hilarity of him teaching physical education and the stereotype of being an Australian.

Memoirs of an Overweight Under-coordinated PE Teacher

Working in supply you have no idea what the day will bring! Will I get planning? Will it be the class that Lucifer himself evicted from the bowels of the Earth? What is on the lunch menu and is it actually edible?!?! All of these questions are normally answered by about 12:30pm. However, this blog will retell the fabulous story of the day this very hobbit-esque Australian, became a PE teacher.

Sports and I have an agreement I don’t attempt them and they do not make me look like a fool.

It all started when I walked into the headteacher’s (HT) office. The first words out of his mouth were (and I quote) “This is a school for naughty boys” and by 8:00am the second question had already been answered! I knew I was going to be in for a remarkable day. The HT then started to query me about the subjects I am trained in, I explained that I was a Primary Teacher and trained in SEN, thinking “ok great he will use my strengths! Today is going to be fine… even if this is the school they make documentaries about!” His response was, “…well because you are an Australian I am going to make you my PE teacher for the day.” Now you need to understand something about me I am possibly the most uncoordinated Australian you are ever likely to meet.

Could be worse! I thought at least it isn’t an outdoor sport! How very wrong I was.

Sports and I have an agreement I don’t attempt them and they do not make me look like a fool. This treaty was signed and agreed upon on my second prac, when I taught the gross motor skill of kicking and proceeded to trip over the ball… multiple times.

So I get my planning and find out that I am doing table tennis. Could be worse! I thought at least it isn’t an outdoor sport! How very wrong I was. Throughout the day I managed to slip and career into the wall whilst chasing the ball, have the racquet fly out of my hand and narrowly miss my TA’s head as he walked past and to top it off, have children refuse to be partnered with me as they didn’t want to “waste their time.” I was even picked last when children broke into pairs… nice way of re-living the horrors of primary school! But in the end I survived all 6 lessons of PE I had that day (not to mention the playground duty in the gym… another story for another day!)

So all in all I feel it was a good day, I mean at least I didn’t trip over…. But for some odd and slightly inexplicable reason that school has never had me back to teach PE.

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Ben is an Australian-trained special educational needs teacher and is a teacher of the deaf. If you haven't already, read another of his blogs Learning the Lingo.

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