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The ONE Biggest Mistake Aussie Teachers Make

Mitch Jones is one of our Australian-based recruitment consultants working with Aussie teachers in their move to England. In this blog Mitch fills us in on the single biggest mistake that Aussies make in their move!

                                                                                                                                                             Mitch Jones; consultant for Australian teachers lo

People often ask me "What is the biggest mistake an Aussie teacher can make in England?"

I've been doing this role at Protocol Education for over 6 years now; before that I was teaching with them in England. It is fair to say that I've now got enough experience from both sides of the fence to know the biggest mistake an Aussie teacher can make in travelling to England to teach. It is an incredibly silly one but nearly everybody makes it. Here it is:

Thinking things are going to be the same in England as they are in Australia.

That's it. Simple really. Sounds silly, doesn't it?

A lot of teachers arrive thinking (or maybe hoping) that all of their creature comforts from home will be there waiting for them in England. Already they are setting themselves up to be disappointed; we're so similar to our British cousins however there are so many subtle little differences too.

Good coffee? Sorry! England does many things well, but if a cracking cup of coffee is your way to start the day then you'll be tearing your hair out at the hot brown milky water they serve you in most chain coffee shops!

The weather? Well, duh! It's England! To be fair it really isn't the cold that gets people upset; days are incredibly short in winter and very long in summer. Don't be surprised to catch the tube to work in dawny haze of cloud and misty rain and catch it back home again in dusk. In winter some teachers only see the sun when they pop outside for sport/PE (that's if it isn't covered up by clouds) so be prepared for not much in the way of daylight hours during winter. Summer is a different story and this is when the real England comes alive; in the park until 9pm, pub beer gardens cranking and outdoor restaurants do a roaring late night dinner trade. It definitely makes up for it during the longer summer months!

There are many other differences - too numerous to mention - that people notice when they arrive. The trick is not to set yourself up to fail before you even take off on QF12 to Heathrow; expect difference! Focus on what your new home does MUCH better than Australia; supermarkets, shopping, access to Europe, fish & chips, curries (pretty much anything to do with food really!) and you'll find yourself having a ball every day. You're travelling to the other side of the world for a new experience so you should relish these differences. These are what make for an amazing teaching journey, so any time you come across something that isn't quite the same as home then don't be perturbed; grab it with both hands (unless that thing is a pork pie - they are terrible...)!


Are you keen to make the move to England to teach? Contact the Aussie team at or call 1800 246 436!

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