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Casey is making the journey to the UK to teach... but maybe not as you would expect!

My name is Casey and I'm an Australian. Yes, I confess, I'm one of the many Aussies who make their way to London each year to work, travel and soak up the bright lights of this vibrant and internationally-famed cosmopolitan city.

I first got in touch with Protocol Education in 2012, while still living in Melbourne, on the advice of three work colleagues who had all used - and raved about - Protocol Education. I immediately received preliminary information and guidance, and forged a quick connection with Protocol Education staff via email exchanges, phone conversations and an information session. All of this helped to make me feel completely at ease with my seemingly crazy decision to pack up my life in Australia and move half way around the world. Given that I wasn't planning on making the move until 2014, Protocol Education kept a steady and regular contact base over many months, providing vital advice on documentation processes such as police checks and my visa application. Their step by step guidance made it so easy!

casey My family and friends were mortified when I told them of my intended route from Melbourne to London. My boyfriend and I set ourselves the challenge of making the journey between Melbourne and London overland, without a single flight. 28 countries over 4 continents in 7 months. We left Melbourne in February and have travelled by boat, bus, train, bike, camel, horse, segway and military vehicle (just to name a few) on our crazy adventure which to date has included Southeast Asia, China, North Korea, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran. From here, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Tunisia, Italy and France await, before we finally catch a glimpse of the white cliffs of Dover.

And every step of the way, Protocol Education have been in the background (well, in my inbox at least), keeping me in touch and updated with the world of teaching in London.

I'll be honest. On more than one occasion, all of the typical paranoid thoughts and doubts have crossed my mind:

‘Good grief, how on earth will I cope in a classroom of teenagers after seven months on the road?'

'Will I even get work given that I'm arriving in London a full month after the school year has begun?'

'What if teaching in London is completely different to teaching in Melbourne?'

But each time I've had any notion of self-doubt, I've been reassured by the knowledge that I have Protocol Education to fall back on. And I've come to realise that international travel is one of the best forms of Professional Development. As a teacher of History and Geography, I am itching to get back in the classroom, with my first hand experience of some obscure regions and sites that for most people, are only accessible in textbooks, documentaries and on the web. I've learnt more about the French occupation of Laos, the Chinese cultural revolution, Lenin and the Bolsheviks, Genghis Khan's world domination, the life and leadership of Amir Temur, Turkmenbashi's personality cult and the architectural and mathematical brilliance of Ancient Persia, than I ever would have by just staying at home.

CaseyGreatWallSo with less than two months before I arrive in London and the real adventure begins, I know I still have a lot to do and a lot to think about, in preparation for this new phase in my life. And that's what is so exciting! Life wasn't meant to be dull, and through Protocol Education, I have the opportunity to live life to the full, knowing that they will do everything they can to help me re-enter the teaching profession.

It sounds cliche, but my advice to all overseas teachers who are weighing up their options and considering the move to London... do it! With Protocol Education's support you'll have the advice and guidance you need every step of the way.

London, here I come!

We welcome Casey aboard our blogging team. We are guessing from her first blog that she will have many interesting stories to share.

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