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Have you ever done tuition on a one to one basis in the classroom or outside school? Giles shares his experience and why he recommends you should be open to it. One to One Tuition. You should try it with Protocol Education

One to one tuition can be incredibly rewarding. For those going into teaching, it can be a good experience of working with a pupil and for working teachers it can be a refreshing change of pace. I have been tutoring on and off for nearly 5 years. Here’s a few insights that might prove useful:

Take off your teacher hat

This is a chance for you to put aside all the conventions of the standard classroom set-up.  You’ll be called by your first name, and be on the student’s turf rather than your own. More often than not, you’ll have tea or coffee made for you (I’d be quietly outraged if they didn’t). You can afford to reveal a bit more of your non-teacher self. Don’t misunderstand; you’re still a professional. You still need to make sure you’re positioned somewhere free from distractions, with the door open to reduce any potential safeguarding issues, but you can use more anecdotes from your personal experience. They are much less likely to come back to bite you, or turn into a derisive chant down the corridors.

Personalise the learning

Very often you’re dealing with a child who struggles with your particular subject. Consequently, there will have been a build up of resentment towards the subject and here you are, the living embodiment of everything that makes them feel stupid. Spend the first 10 or 20 minutes of your time with a new student just trying to get to know what they’re interested in. The other week I had a one-to-one session with a 16 year old girl comparing the writer’s intention between an interview with ‘One Direction’ and an article on ‘5 Seconds of Summer’. In the past I’ve marked student’s use of sentences by getting them to write reviews of ‘Twilight’ books. Perhaps English lends itself to more of this type of personalised learning, but I am confident that anyone creative with their subject will be able to find a way to make it appealing to one struggling student.


This is a chance to try things you might be hesitant to try in a traditional classroom setting. Having the time to explain a concept to just one person without having to worry about behaviour management is incredibly liberating, and it can pay dividends in the classroom. Things I experimented with in one-to-one have been incorporated into my repertoire, and my teaching of apostrophes has never been better!

Don’t get me wrong, one-to-one isn’t without it’s challenges. If you’re unable to win a student over or even worse, if they just say nothing at all, it can be agony. Plus there can be issues with parents who get you confused with an indentured servant. But overall, I would say that this can be a great experience, and pretty good as part time jobs go!

Protocol Education often has one to one tuition opportunities within school settings. Contact your consultant if you would be interested in this type of work. 

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