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Dave has recently moved from Canada to the UK and in his debut blog he gives us an introduction to him and his initial thoughts of settling in. 

I have decided to start a blog, so I thought the first entry should be somewhat of an introduction to who I am.

First off, I was born in Toronto, Canada where I grew up and lived my whole life until a few years ago. Unlike a lot (probably most) of people I've met in education, I had no desire of being a teacher growing up. I actually hated school (it’s a long story I’ll save for another entry).

All I liked was movies and that's all I was interested in doing. Naturally I ended up doing my undergrad in film and screenwriting. I then worked in the industry for a few years. It went better for me than most and I was getting paid decent money directing commercials, music videos and some web stuff. I was doing what I thought I wanted to be doing, however I wasn't happy on this path. From a life-fulfilling perspective, I just didn't find it worth the time I was putting in. Since that was all I had ever wanted to do I felt completely lost.

Thankfully at the time I was playing on a softball team with my high school friends. When we had started a few years before, our team needed a coach so I stepped into the role.  I found being a leader easy because  of all my directing experience. Now and then people would be away and they would send someone to fill in for them.

One Sunday a player couldn't make it and in their place they sent their... mom! (She was pretty good actually). I could never have guessed that this small thing would end up changing my life, but it did. After the game she commented that she felt I was a good coach and informed me that her youngest son’s team needed a coach. I thought about it for a few days as I had no previous interest in working with kids but decided to take it on.

The first game was the hardest. These kids were 10 to 14 years old and some of them were very quiet and shy while others were absolutely... the opposite. Most of the naturally athletic players didn't want to listen to me and did their own thing swinging for the fences each time and getting out. We lost our first 7 games but I kept on top of them. Then in game 8 we won! Then we won again! In fact from that point on we were undefeated all the way to the finals.

The reason was because they started playing as a team and this was because I had figured out what I needed to do to get them to work together.  At the end of the season their parents were commenting about how well they thought I had worked with all the kids. One went as far as saying “ever thought of being a teacher?” The truth was I had never thought of being a teacher until that moment. I wasn't convinced I could do it either.

The following week I went off to a local primary school, introduced myself and asked if they could use any volunteers in the classroom. After my police check came back, I returned nervous but ready to walk into a class full of 5th graders. I can honestly say that from my first day in that classroom I realized not only could I do it, but I should do it.

Thus began my quest that would land me here- typing this blog. So stay tuned because there’s a whole lot more!

We've had lots a new bloggers lately which is fantastic! Make sure you don't miss any by checking our blog page regularly. Let's see what Dave's next blog has in store!

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