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Exciting News at the PRU

If you have been following Emma's blog, you will know that she works in a pupil referral unit (PRU) which she thoroughly enjoys. She has recently had some exciting news in her personal life and she shares the first few weeks. 

Pregnant at the PRU

Now the new term has begun I can finally share my exciting news.  I'm expecting a baby! Working full time with children whilst pregnant is never a walk in the park, but being pregnant and working with permanently excluded children in a pupil referral unit is even more of a challenge!  Especially if you want to keep your news to yourself for the first three months.  In fact the only person at work that I told was the HLTA who runs the nurture group that I work in. 

For those who have never experienced working in a PRU, know this, there will be violence. So certain precautions had to be made to avoid injury and arrangements to duck out of the classroom at a second's notice to say goodbye to breakfast down the porcelain throne.  As luck would have it though the head had employed an extra set of restraint trained hands to work in our group the week before! And he was given a baptism of fire! Sorry, but without being able to say why, the week he arrived was the week I could no longer break up fights, run after absconding children or use myself as a human shield to protect the other children from flying chairs and fists alike. Instead I sat back, continued the lesson with those who were still listening and allowed the other two to go in and diffuse the situation.

When it came to PE, which seemed to be football practice for an eternity, I came up with plenty of excuses as to why I couldn't join in.  Sorry, I've got the wrong shoes on today, or sorry but I've hurt my back. As much as I enjoyed joining in with games I'd read a horror story of a pregnant teacher who miscarried after being hit in the abdomen with a ball and I was taking no chances.

At break times I'd sneak ginger biscuits out to munch on when the children weren't looking.  Ginger being good for "morning" sickness you see.  I count myself lucky though, although I suffered with nausea for 24 hours a day I was only sick a few times whilst at work.  Trying to keep your pregnancy a secret whilst chucking up carrots in the toilet directly opposite from the head teacher's office is no mean feat.  I think I mastered the art of the quiet vomit.

Unfortunately, as much as the new TA was a blessing, lunch times became problematic. He'd taken to sitting next to me at the table whilst enjoying a steaming bowl of mutton and rice.  I'm sure it's a perfectly lovely meal, but as pregnant women can no doubt sympathise strong smells bring on the worst nausea.  Cue me breathing through my mouth, green about the gills trying to eat my lunch.

Mercifully in the summer holiday two wonderful things happened.  I reached my second trimester with a scan photo to prove it and my morning sickness started to wear off.  I started back yesterday, out of the "danger zone" (first 12 weeks), with an expanding waistline finally able to share my news at the PRU.  The first person I told was the head teacher, I wasn't sure how she'd react.  It turns out though my secret wasn't so well kept after all. She'd guessed, or at least had her suspicions.  Something about expectant mothers' having a certain "colour" about their faces.  I can only assume that colour is green!  I was advised to leave the room if things became too heated and even shown to a disused class with a sofa that I could lie down on if I needed it! I sure could have done with that in the first trimester.

All the staff were of course delighted for me.  I had many a "squee", a belly pat and plenty of parenting advice. But the real test came when I told the children in my group today. One asked if it will hurt when I have the baby, I told him I'd heard it stings a bit! He promised not to throw any furniture at me and suggested I might want to give birth under water! Brilliant! I'm just hoping now that they all know I won't be needing to step out of class any time soon.  Though the offer of that sofa is fairly tempting...

Congratulations Emma! Our West Midlands team couldn't be more thrilled! However, sadly it does mean her time at the PRU has come to and end... for now! 

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