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Crossing The Pond with Protocol Education: Part 2

In her last blog, Melissa discussed our Guaranteed Work Agreement and how it worked for her. Now she talks about how she come to her decision of which agency to go with.

Crossing the Pond with Protocol Education: Part 2

Choosing your agency

Which brings me to my next point - why choose Protocol Education? There are so many agencies out there, and I was pretty confused myself when it came time to choose one. Protocol Education has been there for me every step of the way, whether it has been to help me with my National Insurance Number or setting up a bank account (which is extremely difficult to do by yourself as my flatmate, who is with another teaching agency, found out).

When I found myself not wanting to go back to a particular school or class after having a terrible day, all I had to do was let Protocol Education know about my experience and they would be sure not to send me back. Alternatively, if you really like a school you have been sent to, you can notify Protocol Education and they will send you there as often as they can. I am now at the same few schools that I particularly like every week for supply work, which is awesome because I know where I'm going ahead of time and the students and I have had the opportunity to get to know each other.  

Why I recommend Protocol Education

Another reason I recommend Protocol Education is because the consultants are so friendly, outgoing, and super helpful. I specifically talk to about 2 or 3 consultants on a daily basis who always finds me work at the schools I want and who are there for me when I have any questions or concerns. The response times to phone calls or e-mails are incredibly quick and any issues usually get resolved immediately.

Added bonuses!

Finally, no agency that I have heard of throws a party or plans a get-together quite like Protocol Education does. Every few weeks or so, they host amazing events with food and drinks (I mean, who doesn't like free food and drinks?) and give away amazing prizes at events like their Travel Evenings. Last year, I won a 50 voucher to use towards a trip with Topdeck at one of Protocol Education's travel evenings. I ended up using the voucher towards a trip to Prague, Budapest, and Krakow.  My flat mate could not believe the awesome boat party Protocol threw this past September to welcome all of the teachers to London. These events are also great opportunities to meet the people who are getting you work every day, as well as meet teachers from all over who are doing the same thing as you! 

So my message is this: If I had to do this experience all over again, I would choose Protocol Education and their Guaranteed Work Agreements, no questions asked!

We are thrilled that Melissa has had such a great experience with us. If we can help you on your career path get in touch with us today. Visit our contact page

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