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Protocol Education talks to.... a Canadian teacher!

Protocol Education talks to.... a Canadian teacher!

Fatema is a Canadian primary teacher working in London. Recently, Protocol Education touched base with her to see how she is getting on.

Protocol Education: Where are you based and what do you do?

Fatema: I live in Clapham London, which is in the South part of the city and I just got a long term position as a Year 1 teacher at Langbourne Primary School.

PE: How long have you been at Protocol Education, and what do you like best about your job?

F: I have been with Protocol since Sept 30 2013. I like that I was able to supply for a couple of weeks to see how I liked it and then was offered a full time at the age group that I liked.

PE: What did you do before you worked at Protocol Education?

F: Before working at Protocol I was living in Canada. I was working at IKEA as a customer service representative and tutoring on the side. There are no teaching opportunities back at home and that is why I made the decision to come to London.

PE: You’re shipwrecked on a deserted island with only three other Protocol Education employees for company. Who do you choose and why?

F: I would have to pick Shawna, Melissa, Lisa and Ashley (sorry I cant limit it to just 3!). I started talking to Shawna before even coming to London and her and I clicked right away. She is a great person to be around since she is full of energy and positive thoughts. Melissa and Lisa I knew each other before coming to London and although we were not that close before coming here we have become great friends. They are always ready for a good time and we always have fun when we go out. Ashley and I are roommates and again, we hardly knew each other before coming to London (we actually only met once prior to us moving here but talked all the time) we have also become great friends. She has shown me how to party and have a good time which I definitely need at this point in my life.

PE: What are your three favourite things in the world and why?

F: My number one favourite thing in this world is my family especially my niece and my nephew. They all mean the world to me. It is very hard being away from them but I know they want me to be here and are proud of my decision.
My music; especially the Backstreet Boys. If anyone knows me they know I love the backstreet boys. I love all their music and I will never get sick of them. But besides them, music is what gets me through the rough times and I don't know what I'd do without it.
My last favourite thing is food. I definitely love food. I love cooking (even though I hardly have the time to do so) and more importantly I love eating it. If I could eat all day I would be the happiest person alive :)

PE: If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

F: I would be a dog. Even though they are pretty dirty animals they have the best life. They get to sleep all day, food feed to them whenever and they get the most love from their owners.

PE: Describe yourself in 4 words

F: Caring, loving, enthusiastic, ambitious


Thanks Fatema for sharing with us, it great to see you have settled in well and congratulations on the long term position! 

Would you like to answer a few questions for us? Email Megan at to find out more. 

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