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Head to Head - Long-term versus Daily Supply

We have found that many candidates like to mix it up when working with us. Sometimes you might be looking for daily supply, other times it will be something more long-term. 

Both options offer different advantages and things to consider. Here are the main reasons our candidates choose daily supply or long-term work.

Daily Supply

  • Flexibility – A big advantage to working as a daily supply worker means that you determine when you work. If you need to take a day off it’s not a problem. If you want to take a holiday in term time you can.
  • Variety - While on daily supply you have the opportunity to work in a range of schools (primary, secondary, special educational needs, etc) and undertake a range of role with a range of age groups. This allows you to check out different schools and age groups, find schools you thoroughly enjoy working in and maybe find that perfect role.
  • Time again – When you have been working in a number of different schools and you have been a good fit, it is highly possibly that you will be requested back time and time again.
  • Travel  - Remember that holiday we mentioned? We all know that school holidays are the most expensive time to travel so now you have the option of going during term time. We have a number of candidates who take the opportunity when on supply to travel to those places they never felt they had the time for.
  • Career Development – Supply teachers will often comment that they feel that daily supply allows them to ‘test’ things while not having the demand of a long-term and ‘getting it perfect’.  Use the opportunity to try various teaching strategies and behaviour management skills. You can try various strategies with a wide test audience and see what results you get. Also, if there is an area you might be interested in getting into you can give it go while on supply, for example tuition or special educational needs.


  • Security – Some of us look for job security. We want to know that for a half term, term, or longer that we have financial stability. Each week that golden payslip will come through and the school breaks don’t feel so daunting!
  • Team Spirit – When completing a long-term role you become part of a team, whether it is your phase or department and also the greater school community. Take the time to build relationships and get involved wherever you can. This shows your commitment to the role and school.
  • Development – It goes without saying that while undertaking a long-term role that there are possible opportunities for career progression, for example curriculum leader, phase leader, HLTA, etc.  Remember Protocol Education offers free training so use our courses to enhance your skills. For our full CPD schedule click here.
  • Opportunities – You love the school, the school love you and in certain circumstances there is the possibility to be taken on permanently by the school.
  • Variety - Many assume that taking on a long-term role will mean classroom teacher. However, similar to daily supply there are a number of roles to consider. Have you thought about PPA, learning support assistant, maternity cover, class teacher, special educational needs or tuition opportunities? It is worth considering the alternative roles available and you may even stand out by taking on a new role with your can do attitude.
  • Rewarding – It can be truly rewarding witnessing your children’s progression as well as your own. You have taken the time to get to know their individual personalities as well as knowing their weaknesses and working out how you can best support them. One of the best things it being there for that “I get it” moment.

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