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The Endless Possibilities

Heather is a Canadian-trained Teacher living in Harrow, Middlesex. She is currently working in Primary schools through Protocol Education. Teachers are adaptable by nature says Heather - and thats why the possibilities are endless!

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Endless Possibilites
By choosing education as a career – long term or not, you are able to recognize a lot of ‘open doors’. What I mean is that opportunities continue to exist and can always be offered to you because as a teacher,  you are someone who can adapt to a wide range of expectations and abilities. 
While I enjoyed working in a classroom that I could call my own, and set-up and organize in a manner that was predictable, understood and influenced by me, I also enjoy the challenges that my current job as a supply teacher now produces. As if regular teaching didn’t add a sense of variation and unexpected interactions on a daily basis, supply teaching takes this element and adds suspense, mystery, and what could be considered as mental chaos to that ever surprising role as the head of a class. 
Every day you might have to learn a new school layout, a new schedule, a new curriculum aspect, new names, new staff, and who knows what else! It is because we are so gifted at approaching different situations in a variety of ways that we are so great at what we do. When you find key ice breakers that miraculously have students working with you within the first 40 minutes of your time in the classroom, you’re set for the rest of your day. If not, tomorrow’s a new one! 
Mostly, I enjoy judging my successes on my ability to relate and establish report with a class. If they’re responding with enthusiasm to my style of teaching or the subject matter that’s what makes the job feel rewarding. If they aren’t, it’s exciting to try and find a new way of reaching them. Furthermore if students and staff see me as more of a person than a supply teacher, those rewards and encouragements to behave appropriately and respectfully go a long way for both the pupils and myself.
I got into teaching with the understanding that it would allow me to travel and continue learning. It also provided me with opportunities to retain the open doors in various other subject areas when I was an indecisive undergraduate.  Yes, teaching is a rewarding experience on its own and yes, I enjoy what I do. I  also like the thought that if I become burned out, I won’t be one of those miserable teachers that is bored with what they do and has forgotten about the real reason why they took the job in the first place. Of course the financial stability is a good perk but I love how versatile teaching really is.
I’ve had many different experiences  prior to my current post including; teaching secondary, including teaching swimming lessons, working at camps, and even training marine mammals! All these aspects of my life help me ‘win’ with my students now. Every day is different, and every teacher and individual in this world is different. I enjoy celebrating these differences and going to work every day not knowing who I will meet and what challenges I may encounter.
I also love knowing that in 10 years from now, I can get into writing or editing, or something completely different like scuba diving or working as a counsellor if I want to. There are just so many talents that teachers have that aren’t realized by so many. It’s great if you want to be a teacher for the rest of your life, and who knows maybe I won’t grow out of this career, but it’s great to know how many doors remain open when you follow the path of an educator because the more you see people around you stuck with a foot in one door, you realize how lucky and free we are to explore different subject areas on a daily basis through teaching.
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