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Miranda's Top Ten Supply Stresses!

Miranda is a Primary Supply Teacher working in schools  through Protocol Education in Manchester. As enjoyable as supply teaching can be, we all have bad days and pet peeves and sometimes we just need to have a good old rant! Here are Miranda's TOP TEN supply teaching stresses:)

It’s time for one of those lists...

There are some hardly perennials stressful thangs in supply teaching.  I’m trying to relax after ‘one of those days,’ and I have had a glass of wine in my hand already, which is my excuse for writing the word ‘thang’. I would never say it out loud, so don’t worry if you ever meet me. Anyway, here’s my top ten supply stressers. I’ve just had six of these happen. But I’m still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah (well sitting down, same thing).

Top ten Stresser Outters:

1) The observing head teacher. ‘Don’t mind me, I’m just here to get a pen/blob of blu tac/invisible pirate treasure chest from the back somewhere…YEAR 4 CARRY ON WORKING WHILE I WATCH MISS YATES!’

2) The day-length outdoor duty. Hey, whaddya know, it’s your playground duty this morning, this lunch time, this afternoon and forever. Then it’s Year 6 football. The coach is off sick, you’ll have to do it.

3) The missing password. Six members of staff surround the screen making guesses. ‘Erm, she supports Man United. Try putting in Sir Alex.’

4) The tardis bad-dream school. It’s probably built in a simple square shape but for some reason you can’t seem to find your way back from the loos or the staff room. In fact every time you emerge, you appear to have teleported to a slightly different school.   ‘Wrong direction Miss Yates…’ call the caretaker, head teacher, children from the nursery.’ Are they even the same people?

5) Where the wild things are. Imagine you live near Manchester. It has rained solidly for a week. Children have been cooped up every lunchtime colouring in patterns and listening to the dinner lady talk through her daughter’s wedding plans. By the afternoon ….Let the wild rumpus start!

6) Pre-teen scene. It is late in the summer term in Year 6. As far as they’re concerned, primary school’s out forever. Everyone’s BFFs, having been through so much together. In their minds they’re as wild and nostalgic as the teens in Grease in the final fairground scene. You are simply getting in the way of the beginning of the rest of their beautiful adolescent lives. Good luck teacher!

7) Teaching in a storm. Most teachers are incredibly organised. They enjoy  file dividers and small pots of jazzy paperclips. But there are some (I am not telling you which one I am) who keep their classroom is like a corner of their creative brain. ‘Don’t open that!’ the kids shout as you try the stock cupboard door.#

8) The TA who would be teacher. TAs are normally your best potential friends at a school. They know what it’s like to be at the whim of someone else’s lesson plan and they can read the class teacher’s handwriting. The occasional TA though, has been waiting for six long years for Mr Brown to be off sick, so they can pace up and down at the front of the classroom.  You don’t stand a chance.

9) The potion that makes you invisible to other adults. Occasionally in a school, when you’re not looking, someone slips something into your tea which makes you invisible to other adults. You might be struggling to find a classroom, deal with a blocked photocopier, inform on a child who needs ‘time out’, discover the timings of the day, say good morning to people. But remember, it’s not their fault they can’t see you.

10) The endless journey. You arrive at the beginning of a tough day with great ease, slipping through near empty streets.  At the end of the tough day, you find your Nissan Micra has been blocked in by both the Head’s Mazda and the Deputy’s Audi. You see them through the window. They are in a meeting, wearing expressions last seen during debt negotiations in Brussels.   

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