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To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Nicole is a Canadian-trained primary teacher who taught in London for almost two years before making the move to work behind the scenes at Protocol Education.

She now helps other Canadian teachers through the registration process and the transition to teaching in England. 

To sleep or not to sleep...that is the question. Well, let’s be honest, most of us DO in fact need to sleep, so the question really is how much sleep do we need?

Working in London, I’ve found, requires a good amount of sleep. We have long commutes, long working days, and for those of us who are teachers, we need to be on our feet and excited about learning for our entire working day! Sleeping on the job? Not exactly the best option. I’ve found that the weeks when I consistently get 8 hours of sleep each night are my happiest and most productive. When I’m not feeling rested I tend to get a bit grumpy and irrational.

The flip side of this coin is that living in London provides us with so many reasons and opportunities to not sleep! A bit of summery weather brings the perfect opportunity for a “quick drink” at the pub with a rooftop patio. We stumble across tickets for that west end show we’ve been dying to see at a price we can’t turn down. One of the museums has a late open evening where we get to explore behind the scenes. There’s a night time bike ride we decide to take part in to raise funds and awareness for a particular charity. There’s a club that only hosts a certain party once a month. There are groups of people with all types of fantastical interests that at all hours of the day and night. Then, even if we don’t intend to stay out late, if we miss the last train we’re stuck taking night busses which triple the normal length of our journeys home.

After these nocturnal outings which allure us to anything but an early bedtime, we wake up feeling exhausted and dread the work day ahead of us. We can’t wait for the moment when we can crawl back into our warm and cosy beds. We tell ourselves we’re going to bed early for the next several nights. Yet, we are all repeat offenders.

I suppose the answer then, is that it doesn’t matter how much sleep we actually need. Because in the end, it’s not likely that we’re not going to look back on our lives and remember the nights when we had a really good sleep.

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