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Orianne is a Canadian teacher who is has recently moved to the UK with a classmate to teach through Protocol Education in Bristol. Moving your life from one country to another can be stressful. Let's find out how Orianne has found the journey...

As the end of September approaches, so does the start date of many new contracts for Protocol Education supply teachers!

Accompanying the excitement of anticipation are the seemingly insurmountable hurdles of stress over how to pack your life into one suitcase under 20 kg (and finding out what 20 kg is in pounds, for North Americans), finding a place to live within a limited budget, finding a place to live while you are finding a place to live, reading through the British Curriculum, getting a phone, a bank account, your induction meeting, groceries and laundry, telling home you are alive, and trying to memorize bus routes so you don’t have to panic on the first day of work any more than you already will.


It really is going to be alright!

Personally, I am so grateful to Protocol Education for offering a support system during this time.  Not only do we have professionals to lean on, but also fellow teachers being sent into the field that we are put in contact with.  If you are grasping for your sanity – use them!

As with all other things in life, we have to take it all one day at a time.  Make a schedule and a list for yourself if you are feeling overwhelmed so that you can walk through things one step at a time.  Make sure you are taking care of yourself during this time too, so that you can walk into your first classroom shining and confident (or at least faking shining confidence, which is almost as good).

And if all else fails to keep you confident and calm, have a bag of Jelly Babies.  Because despite they fact that candy being shaped like children is inherently creepy, they are pretty good, and tie in nicely with U.K.’s brilliant Dr. Who series.

Enjoy the ride!

Some websites for Flat-Hunters:

Looking for a place to live while looking for a place to live?

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Read more from Orianne here

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