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Getting Ready to Jump Across the Pond!

We are excited to welcome Orianne, a Canadian teacher who is preparing to move to the UK with a classmate to teach through Protocol Education in Bristol. Her first post for us reveals what has helped her most in planning her move abroad. 

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Getting Ready to make the Jump Across the Pond!

For some, teaching overseas sounds like the most terrifying thing a teacher could possibly get themselves into.  For others, it’s the adventure of a lifetime! 

Like most students about to graduate from teachers’ college and preparing to go overseas, I am genuinely excited to explore a new country and to have the opportunity to actually teach!However, travel comes with its own set of challenges.  Here are some tips to help prepare yourself for the adventure ahead!

• Network.  If you are in teacher’s college there are probably other people going abroad to teach, especially to the UK.  Talk to them about their recruitment experiences and the advice their agencies are giving them.  Protocol Education happens to be one of the most informative agencies out there but it’s always good to share to get as much info as you can! 

Research Your Area.  Protocol Education’s "Why guides" give a good snapshot of the attractions of certain cities.  Knowing how they advertise themselves tells you a lot about them.  Once you’ve narrowed it down to a couple areas, use the good ol’ World Wide Web to research them for things that are important to you.  Tourism sights give you ideas of things to do that are organized or free, Google Maps helps you find museums, theatres, restaurants, parks, or places of worship.  Plus, Wikipedia always gives you a peek into the history and size of the place!

• Look up Housing.  It’s a good idea to take a peek at the rentals available in the area of your choice.  It gives you a good idea of what is available at what cost and in what area.  Get an idea of how much space you will have for groceries and cooking, where potential rentals might be in relation to public transportation and which areas of a city have a good or shady reputation.

• Plan One Fun Thing To Do.  You are going to have a lot on your plate once you first arrive in the UK!  It’s good to be mentally prepared for a bit of chaos, travelling blues, and a bit of homesickness.  That’s all normal.  But to ensure that your first week is an appropriately exciting introduction to your teaching experience in the UK, plan at least one fun thing to do for yourself during that time!  Whether it’s a trip to somewhere you’ve been dying to go, or a free little jaunt to the park, give yourself something to look forward to that will encourage you throughout your week and put a smile on your face.

• Prepare a Bag of Tricks.  Put together a small collection of fun activities, favourite picture books, or engaging bell work for instances you might need them.  Make them engaging and versatile, because you won’t have room for many!

And last, but not least, enjoy the ride!

Do you have advice for people making the move overseas? Be sure to comment below!

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