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Is it Just Me? Nope!

Shawna is a Canadian-trained Primary Teacher who is a supply teacher based in London. In her second blog she reflects on her first few weeks in London. 

Is it Just Me?!?!....Nope!

Months of preparation, hours of packing, many good-byes (and tear filled tissues), I made the move across the Atlantic Ocean and landed safely here in the UK. I thought the move would be an easy adjustment; I’d been here before and loved it so therefore the change couldn’t be that different , right?


The move was filled with so many emotions I  hadn’t expected. Or, if I had, I couldn’t have predicted how strongly and when some would come flooding  in, sometimes like a dam just broke!) I spent the first few days here in a hostel, (like many seem to do), I think it may have given me a false sense of adjustment. , When I moved into my new home the sudden realization that I actually lived here, and wasn’t on an extended vacation settled in. Unpacking my bags felt surreal and then came the overwhelming emotions.


Don’t worry though! 

Things turned around quickly thanks to many wonderful new friends!

I made the move solo, but thanks to the wonderful contact list created by Protocol, and thanks to the initiative of one teacher and social media new connections started to form. There was a plan to meet up once many of us made our journey across the pond.  This was great for helping us to to meet some new people, especially many of those like myself who came over knowing no one. I swear it took one great night out to form new friendships and the bonds of these new relationships began to bloom.

Having a sudden social circle was amazing, and what a way to help avoid home sick feelings you may be having.


Have a made the right choice?

For me it was when I was  alone, the questioning of the decision to move to the UK and wondering if it really was the best choice began to form. You know, the whole “what have I done” moment.  The funny part was as I had these thoughts and of course trying will all my might to hide it from my family back home, I just kept thinking “it’s probably me” or “no one else seems to be feeling this way.

But I was wrong, so very wrong.  In a momentary emotional break (If I’m being totally honest, they happened quite a bit that first week), the words of one of my new friends helped me realize it wasn’t just me, he too had been feeling this way. I realized it wasn’t just me feeling this way. As I sat down with my new (and amazing) group of friends, It clicked, I’m not alone here and all.  I just needed to reach out to them. There was a great chat that night, and vowed that we’re all here for each other no matter what. If anyone was feeling home sick or lonely all we had to do was reach out. For me this made a huge difference. And it helps reaffirm that this was the right move for me.


Words of wisdom

If it wasn’t for Protocol suggesting contact list I don’t know if I would have met so many special people so soon. We’ve all grown close quickly because this is an intense experience. If you have the chance to meet others who made this move, , DO IT!  No excuses. If you think you’re the only one having doubts about making the move, YOU’RE NOT!

Remember we’re all going through this, and it’s ok to shed tears but don’t do it alone.  Look to your friends, new and old for support. You never know the friendships that can be formed, so don’t be afraid to reach out! As a new friend shared with me, it might be hard now but we’ll look back in a few weeks and laugh...and guess what, he was right!

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