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September Clear Out

September is just around the corner and Samantha helps us get ready for it's return. 

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost.” - Henry Rollins

September is looming in on us and we are all anticipating its arrival. New work clothes, laptops, bags, colleagues and offices running through our minds. This all feels much the same as it did when I was a student and looked forward to the trip into town to select a new backpack, notebook, pencil case and lunch box. I loved getting home and taking my new belongings out of the packaging and placing them inside the new bag. I would hang up my new uniform items in the wardrobe and my mind would flourish with the thoughts of what these items meant to me.

Around this time through all of my school years my sister and myself, who shared a bedroom, would start the task of tidying the bedroom. This was an occasion that happened perhaps four times a year, before and after Christmas, our birthdays in March and April and in the summer holidays. I loved tidying the bedroom with my sister, it meant we were one, spending time together and two that something new was coming our way and that is the meaning of September for me; newness.

September represents the start of a brand new term, a brand new class, a new list of things to learn and new friends to be made. September is an opportunity of reinvention of self, I can be funnier this year or braver in PE. I found myself as a child, teen, university student and again now as an adult teacher making a resolution, of sorts, ready for the new academic year. This September however, I am struggling with my resolution, a few obvious ones spring to mind but they don’t quite fit the intentions that I have. I feel more and more that I am or have come to a place where I no longer need September resolutions and can simply enjoy the start of the new academic year with an open minded wonder instead of a need to prove something new about myself.

Having said this I still have a few aims for September including the be more energetic within my classroom setting and allowing more active or discussion based tasks.

I will also remind myself of the whole person of the student that is stood in front of me and not just the statistic or level I have given them or that they will become.

I will be more social with colleagues during lunch time, drink less tea and visit the school gym more often.

I have of course purchased a few new items, a bag being the first that is flying to me from Amazon as I type. A bright pink envelope satchel for my laptop to be carried around in. A bright pink shiny new cool bag for my lunch to be brought to school with me and sit on the passenger seat of my car on the commute. I have a fairly new pink pencil case already and so will be using this one again. There is distinct pink theme across these items, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the sensible grey ones that look 'professional' and drags down the creative nature of the actions of carrying items daily.

I have had the wonderful donations of several giant, cosy knitted jumpers and cardigans with a few smart jersey tops from my sisters recent September wardrobe clear out and so don’t need to update these items. I do however have a planned shopping trip with a close friend both in search of the perfect smart yet comfortable and still fashionable teachers trousers. I think I will be sticking with safe black of the skinny cut variety with a nice stretch for comfort. The last item on the list will be a brand new pair of shiny shoes, although perhaps some loafers will be better than my choices were in my school days.

So as the beautiful sunny days of august start to shorten and we slowly conclude we have eaten enough BBQ burgers for this summer we can look forward to the newness of September and what a new academic year has to offer us. Perhaps it is a delayed spring clean and a new years resolution finally sinking in, but September is a fresh slate and anything can happen.

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer's best of weather And autumn's best of cheer.” - Helen Hunt Jackson

Samantha is secondary drama teacher and is currently in a long-term role in East London. She has written quite a few blogs for us now.

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