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Packing The Supply Bag

If you are new to supply or are looking for a bit of guidance we can help. Let's start with what to pack in your supply bag. Here is what Sophie packs.

Packing the Supply bag – useful tips!

When I started on the supply register and got told a supply bag was a good idea I did not realise how much I would need it. For the days that the teacher really does not give you anything and you are left with 30 children staring at you, it helps! I started to think have I got everything I need and a well prepared and packed supply bag really helped my days go better.

In my bag I have lots of timesheets in case the school are still on paper copies. Ensure you have ID and your DBS all schools ask for this. Print off lots of teacher handover sheets as teachers love to have this to refer to in order to see how their children were and it gets your name recognised where you go. Here are my other must haves:

Preparing work: I went on a useful teaching website such as primary resources or TES and found a few pieces of work in different subject areas for each year group. So in my bag I have a folder for each year group full of resources. Along my supply experience I gradually built this up if I had seen fantastic lessons or planning. I now have a good resource which I can use for any year and adapt it to the class I have. Some teachers do not give you anything and with this pack it is amazing how calm you can still stay.

Stickers: Another resource I found useful is stickers. They are great for children of any age and good to show the children how proud you are of them. When you are in a classroom it is often hard to use or find other people’s resource so it is always good to take your own then you are always safe using them. A good quick tool to either put on their work or reward the children for good behaviour. This is a great way of promoting behaviour because it is often hard to set your expectations when you only have them for one or two days.

Pencil Case: Your pencil case is very important. Sometimes classrooms do not have enough rubbers or sharpeners so it is good to have some at the ready. One thing I never thought of was different colour pens for marking. All the work should be marked and some classrooms it is impossible to find the right colour pen if the teachers have taken theirs home. If the school is under strict marking policies you must follow this so I have needed a pink, green, red and blue pen at points to mark in, just a little thing to think of.

Children’s books: This is great for the end of the day and to keep them calm or even just a little filler. Although the school and classroom should be full of books the children always seem to love what you have. The children have probably read the ones in their class over and over again but if you have a new book it is a great way to capture their interest.

Post it notes: Another thing which I found really useful to have is a pack of post-it-notes either for writing down something to tell the teacher or little notes to remind yourself to do something they are perfect for your supply bag. Often hard to find resources in a new classroom so it is good to have a bit of paper to scribble notes down.

Sophie is a primary teacher who is currently working with our Bristol branch. Sophie has become a regular blogger for Protocol Education and she covers a wide range of topics.

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