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Supply Teaching in Cambridge, UK - The Daily Routine

Working as a supply teacher in the UK...

So you’re just ready to begin work as a supply teacher. What do you have to do? What are your extra responsibilities? What schedule should you follow? What if the kids are mean or the other teachers don’t like you? Hopefully this daily schedule helps to answer some of those questions, and maybe a few more.

~6am: Get up. If you have no work booked, it’s best to be ready to leave the house by around 7am, giving you the best chance to get to work on time. As basic as it may seem to mention, remember to dress professionally (no cleavage, flip flops, jeans, t-shirts, singlet tops etc)& wear appropriate shoes (for example no high heels, as there’s ALWAYS a chance you may be teaching PE).

~8.15am: Arrive at work. Arriving this early shows that you are professional and ready to work. It also gives you a chance to look through any work left for you, work out how you’ll teach it, gather resources, get the laptop logged on etc. I always ask three main questions of the teacher next door/TA/person who shows me to the classroom: “Is there a behaviour-management (BM) system we use?”, “Is there anything I should know about any of the students?” and “Where do I collect/drop off the students?” If there is a BM system in place, you now know how it works. The second question means you find out about any challenging children in the class, or any that you need to support (eg I’ve taught children on their first or second day at the school, and a child whose father had recently died) or be aware of (eg children who are only allowed to go home with one of their parents). If you cannot find a timetable with times on it, go and ask someone what time school starts/finishes and break/lunchtime (I often write them on the board to remind myself). If someone tells you that you have break duty, do it. If no one tells you, don’t go asking about it! I’ve been given extra because I asked :(

~8.45-8.55am: Adrenaline time! Go and collect your students or open the classroom door. I try to greet students with a smile and an instruction - “Good morning! Please get your reading book out/sit on the carpet.” This helps students settle as they know what they should be doing. If they ask who you are, just say “I’ll introduce myself when everyone’s here” otherwise you’ll say your name 10 times. Settle students so that they are completely quiet, and then introduce yourself. This is really important, as the students have no idea who you are and may be upset that their normal teacher isn’t there. Mark the register/dinner register, taking a little time to start to learn students’ names. Check for notices/money/anything for the office and then send the register with either the register monitor or a responsible child (I usually say something like, “I’m looking for a responsible person who’s sitting nicely to take the register to the office.”)

More on this story soon...

~ by Renata, an Australian teacher working in Cambridge schools through Protocol Education. Click here to read more by Renata.

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