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Youth of Today

Ever overheard something in your school playground and wondered what it meant? Susan has a few translated for you!

A lesson in the youth of today

I remember hearing the phrase 'she's havin beef' about 8 years ago and being completely thrown by the saying until someone explained it meant they were arguing! Since then a few words have crept into vocabulary in every day lesson like 'jokes' 'buff' 'minging' and 'sick'. For those who don't teach in London or City schools they translate to funny, good looking, unattractive and fantastic. 

I now work in an inner London school and after just 6 weeks have had to learn a whole new set of words. In the PE department we constantly have to ask pupils what they are talking about. There is a new way of speaking, they have their own language. In my younger days the new language included cool, fab, fit, amaze balls, OMG, lol when it meant lots of love!, to name a few. Vocabulary has moved on with the vast cultural diversity we have in the UK and us adults are so behind the times it makes me feel so old!! 

So let's enlighten you with a few of their somewhat amusing phrases:

  • 'Sir, I'm going to lick a shot' this was a boy having an attempt at shooting at goal in football.
  • 'Miss that jackets bare moist'. My jackets not naked or wet as it sounds but in fact really bad!
  • 'Sir they were lipsin last night' - that's kissing.
  • 'Hey blud she's peng'. - Hey friend she's fit! 
  • 'Whats the drilly cuz?' - What are you up to?
  • 'I'm gunna shut his Grill' - I'm going to shut his mouth, 
  • 'Hey dude banging whip', hi friend nice car, 
  • 'It's all about the p's', it's about the money. 
  • 'Ah man that's long'. Sir that's a long way or sir that's really hard. 
  • 'Hey man YOLO'- hi mate you only live once.  
  • Now this one you may think you know, me too, but I got it all wrong. 'Hey cuz you are a stunna'. Not good looking as in stunner but someone with lots of material belongings such as jewellery or expensive clothes. 

Let's test you and see if you can translate.

'Hey bruv, that booty is peng. I wanna lips her, she is banging! She'll think I'm a stunna, I'm well in there man'! 

So I hope you've learnt something that may help you when teaching the multi cultural, hip and trendy, completely bonkers youth of today. Or just amused you with how east london schools may differ from others. I can't help but smile every time I overhear these random conversations and it's a fun discussion point in our break and lunch times. It's what teaching is all about, every day is different and you never know what to expect. There will be a dozen new words to learn by next week I'm sure. Bring it on!! (Go on and give us a chance!!)

Do you have any others you can add? Send them through to Megan ( 

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