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Gareth is a Secondary Teacher from Australia who is working in West London schools through Protocol Education. While the weather is changing and many of us may have forgotten that we even had a Summer Gareth reflects and shares his Summer...

Tags: Gareth, Protocol Education, Teaching, Supply, Secondary, Australia, Holidays, Destinations, Summer, Rainy days, Breaks, Travel, Australian

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Kaitlin has recently arrived in the UK and is keen to share her experiences and her expectations of moving here. We wonder if it has matched up?  A little over a year ago, I was having coffee in Canberra, Australia with a uni friend when the idea...

Tags: Kaitlin, Australia, Cambridge

Category: Australian Teachers

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It's not all about work when you move overseas, nor is it all about travel. What about our personal lives? Ben shares an insight into his latest predicament.  As I have now been in London for a few months and I am totally loving my time...

Tags: BenC, London, Australia, teaching, love, Uxbridge

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sheridan has recently changed roles within the school she has been working in. She shares with us how she is getting on in her new role.  After spending five weeks working as a year two interventionist teacher (and just finding my feet in the...

Tags: Sheridan, Australia, Watford

Category: Australian Teachers

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As most people well know, we have many overseas teachers who make the journey to the UK to teach. Lara had found her feet pretty quickly. Read about her experiences so far in her debut blog.  I arrived in London at 6.35am on the 14th of January...

Tags: Lara, Australia, London

Category: Australian Teachers

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Protocol Education talks to... an Australian teacher. Patrick is an Australian teacher who came to the UK almost 12 months ago. Recently, we touched base with him to see how things are going. Protocol Education: Where are you based and what...

Tags: Patrick, Protocol Education, Overseas, Australia, Teacher, Interviews

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sheridan has recently moved to the UK and has taken on a very different role to what she thought she would be doing!  Before I came to the UK, I was a Queensland Kindergarten teacher for 18 months, always with an idea of coming to the UK after...

Tags: Sheridan, Australia, Watford

Category: Australian Teachers

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Lara had a lovely time traveling around but had to come back to reality to head into the Summer Term!  So after a whirlwind 12 day tour around Europe it was time to get back to work; quite a struggle after being used to relaxing every day. After...

Tags: Lara, Australia, London

Category: Australian Teachers

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