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Casey is making the journey to the UK to teach... but maybe not as you would expect! My name is Casey and I'm an Australian. Yes, I confess, I'm one of the many Aussies who make their way to London each year to work, travel and soak...

Tags: Casey, Australian-trained, London

Category: Australian Teachers

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Chris has recently moved from Australia to the UK. He takes a moment to look back on how he got here and how he has found it so far.  I was in my first year of teaching, up in Cairns, when I started researching teaching overseas. Fortunately...

Tags: Chris, Australian-trained, supply, teacher

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sarah is next on the list to offer her best tips for tackling your CV and preparing for your interview.  The daunting time everyone dreads, yet all you want to do is your best and score the job! But obviously everyone else going for the...

Tags: Sarah, Australian-trained, Chelmsford, supply, primary, CV, interviews

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sarah has recently moved the UK and taken up supply teaching with Protocol Education. 1. What do you love about doing supply work? I love the adventure of supply. I love that you don’t know what class you will be in, let alone the school,...

Tags: Sarah, Australian-trained, Chelmsford, supply, primary, teacher, NSTW

Category: Australian Teachers

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Ben is an Australian trained SEN teacher and is a teacher of the deaf. In his debut blog he tells us a little bit about what he does and what his day is like.  As this is my first blog I thought it would be good to introduce myself. My...

Tags: BenC, LondonSEN, Australian-trained, supply, SEN, teacher, experiences, day, targets, goals, important

Category: Australian Teachers

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Ben is an Australian trained SEN teacher and is a Teacher of the Deaf. He shows us the funny side of miscommunication. Get the tissues ready to dry your eyes - you are bound to get a laugh! Learning the Lingo Since moving to...

Tags: BenC, LondonSEN, Australian-trained, supply, hearing-impaired, BSL, AUSLAN, challenges, miscommunication

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy has recently arrived in the UK and shares her first experiences. I first found out about Protocol Education through my university.  The application process was so easy.  I attended an information session in Brisbane and was able to...

Tags: AmyJ, London, Australian-trained, Nicole, team, work, supply

Category: Australian Teachers

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Ben shares what he feels is the hilarity of him teaching physical education and the stereotype of being an Australian. Memoirs of an Overweight Under-coordinated PE Teacher Working in supply you have no idea what the day will bring! Will I...

Tags: BenC, London, Australian-trained, physical-education, PE, supply, teaching, stereotypes

Category: Australian Teachers

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Gareth is a Secondary Teacher from Australia who is working in West London schools through Protocol Education. Gareth isn't a fan of parent teaching evenings. He explains why. Keeping a channel of communication open between a...

Tags: Gareth, London, Secondary, Australian-trained, parents, evening, meetings, communication, advice, advantages

Category: Australian Teachers

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James (26) is a Primary Teacher working through Protocol Education Nottingham.  Register for Teaching Jobs - Search for Teaching Jobs - Contact Us The school holidays have begun and...

Tags: James, Summer, Holiday, Secondary Teacher, Australian-Trained, Government, Teach in London, Supply Teacher, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Siobhan is an primary teacher from Sydney who decided to move to the UK after university to teach in schools in London through Protocol Education. Today she talks about her aversion to the techno side of teaching! I'm sure at least a few of...

Tags: Siobhan,Technology,Supply Teacher, Teach in London, Primary, Australian-trained, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sarah found some time recently to reflect on her experiences and what inspired her to get into teaching.  As I sit here and reflect on moving to the UK from Australia, taking the leap, living the dream I’ve had for over 5 years, and...

Tags: Sarah, Australian-trained, Chelmsford, supply, primary, teacher, reflections

Category: Australian Teachers

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We welcome to our Protoblogger team Ciaran. He is a secondary PE teacher who has recently made the move back to the UK. In his debut blog, he shares his experiences as a newly qualified teacher in the UK. Why Not? Sometimes in your life instead...

Tags: CiaranS, LondonSecondary, Secondary, Australian-trained, overseas, supply, opportunities, choices

Category: Australian Teachers

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