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Lynne is a Secondary Teacher with QTS who is currently working in schools through Protocol Education in Bristol. Lynne explains that supply teachers need to be smart and decisive when judging the nature of the classes they teach,...

Tags: Lyn, Secondary, supply, teaching, ideas, tips, behaviour, not-always-easy, adapt, discipline, classroom

Category: Australian Teachers

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Hannah outlines the importance of a teacher and learning assistant support working together for the best of a child who may present behavioural difficulties.  Working with children that present behavioural difficulties can be one of the biggest...

Tags: HannahB, CPD, Behaviour,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Darren is an Irish trained teacher who has recently made the move from Ireland to the UK to teach with Protocol Education. In Part Two of his debut blog, he gives further advice for teachers coming to the UK for the first time to work as supply...

Tags: DarrenC, Protocol, Ireland, Irish, Overseas, Moving, Wish, Known, Learning, Teacher, Discover, Behaviour, Classroom-Management

Category: Australian Teachers

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Orianne is a Canadian teacher working through Protocol Education Bristol branch. Classroom behaviour is something we all have to deal with and at times it can be challenging and in her latest blog Orianne shares some lessons...

Tags: Orianne, Canadian-trained, behaviour, challenging, questions, approach, hugs, uncomfortable,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Orianne is a Canadian teacher who is based in Bristol. In her latest blog, Orianne compares a teaching day to being similar to Game of Thrones. It’s Like 'Game of Thrones' Up in Here! Cursing; violence; adult-themed...

Tags: Orianne, Protocol Education, Teaching, Supply, Behaviour, children, Game of Thrones, Canadian

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sophie is a Primary Teacher who is currently working with our Bristol branch. There are million things to think about when you are teaching and Sophie reminds us of one key thing that can truly make a difference.  It is amazing...

Tags: SophieW, supply, NQT, positive, children, behaviour, differences, stickers, rewards,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Gareth is a Secondary Teacher from Australia who is working in West London schools through Protocol Education. Recently, a crime was committed in Gareth's classroom and the class went into lock down. Gareth shares the proceedings. Lock...

Tags: Gareth, Protocol Education, Classroom, Behaviour, Classroom management, property, Australian Teacher, West London, Secondary

Category: Australian Teachers

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Mastering Behaviour Management as a Supply Teacher Walking into new and different classrooms as a supply teacher can be daunting for some without the added challenge of not having established relationships with the class you are covering and knowing...

Tags: supply, teacher, behaviour, management, strategies, what-to-do, tips

Category: Australian Teachers

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A topic that has come up recently is a teacher's least favourite subject to cover (see Gareth's blog on How to Teach Dance). Like Gareth, Hannah's is PE! Hannah gives her advice on how to get through PE and in particular to control the noise...

Tags: HannahB, Behaviour, PE

Category: Australian Teachers

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Miranda is a Primary Supply Teacher working in schools through Protocol Education in Manchester. "What's quite nutty about teaching is how one's school meat is another school's poison". Find out what Miranda...

Tags: Miranda, supply, Manchester, behaviour, misconceptions, management, discovery,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Beth is a Secondary teacher working in schools in Leicester through Protocol Education.  Something I’ve been asked, from my privileged position as outsider, in every school I’ve supplied in is “What do...

Tags: ProtoBlog, Beth, Secondary Teacher, Teach in Leicester, Behaviour, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy is a Primary Teacher working in schools in London through Protocol Education. Today she reveals her techniques for surviving supply in Year 6... Protocol Education's Facebook -  Twitter - Pinterest Surviving...

Tags: AmyC, Primary Teacher, Supply Teacher, Teach in London, Year 6, Behaviour, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Jo is a Canadian teacher from Ontario who is working as a Supply Teacher through Protocol Education in schools in Bristol. Today she Introduces us to her simple but very effective way of making sure she remembers what works for each class...

Tags: Jo, Canadian Teacher, Teach in Bristol, Supply Teacher, Tips, Notes, Behaviour, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Gareth is a Secondary Teacher from Australia who is working in West London schools through Protocol Education. Gareth shares his thoughts on his tough first year teaching and believes it's better to get the difficult year over and...

Tags: Gareth, Protocol Education, NQT, Teaching, difficult, Class, Behaviour,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Gareth is a Secondary Teacher from Australia who is working in West London schools through Protocol Education. Gareth's students have picked up on what he wears and they have noticed a trend.  “Why do you always wear...

Tags: Gareth, LondonSecondary, behaviour, uniforms, appearance, Ofsted, trends, changes

Category: Australian Teachers

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