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We have our ups and downs working at different schools. Lynn points out some of the stark differences between some of the schools she has worked in.  A Tale of Two Schools - Working in the Parallel Universe As a supply teacher it is interesting...

Tags: LynnB, Leicester, Supply

Category: Australian Teachers

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How do you prepare for an Ofsted inspection? Lynn shares some tips that might help you out.  Picture the scene if you will – you’ve been working flat out, picked up you marking and you check your emails and it says “all...

Tags: LynnB, Leicester,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Bobby gives us his tips on behaviour management.  When I speak to other teachers the words “classroom management” always comes up and this is because it is a very important part of teaching. Now I am no expert on behaviour or classroom...

Tags: Bobby, Leicester, behaviour

Category: Australian Teachers

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  Beth is a Secondary  teacher working in schools in Leicester through Protocol Education. Her first Protoblog reflects on the enthusiastic welcome she received when she returned to a school she had been placed at long term, this time...

Tags: Beth, Secondary Supply, Teach in Leicester, Teach in UK, Long term Supply

Category: Australian Teachers

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We are celebrating National Supply Teacher Week this week and have interviewed a few supply teachers to get their perspectives. 1. What do you love about doing supply work? The flexibility and the opportunity to work in different schools, an...

Tags: LynnB, Leicester, Supply, NSTW

Category: Australian Teachers

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How have you felt about the year? Have you been working as a supply teacher? Lynn has and she looks back on her year with us. Looking Through the Looking Glass - A Year in Reflection As a supply teacher my working life is always like a bag...

Tags: LynnB, Leicester, Supply

Category: Australian Teachers

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Lynn is a experience supply teacher and she knows that sometimes when you get into the classroom you will find no planning or incomplete planning left for you.  Mind the Gap: Finding No Planning Picture the scene if you can – the...

Tags: LynnB, Leicester, Supply

Category: Australian Teachers

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Beth is a Secondary teacher working in schools in Leicester through Protocol Education.  Something I’ve been asked, from my privileged position as outsider, in every school I’ve supplied in is “What do...

Tags: ProtoBlog, Beth, Secondary Teacher, Teach in Leicester, Behaviour, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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In his last entry, Dave focused on the importance of a teacher and making the choice to become one. He also mentioned that he didn't do too well in school and was eventually diagnosed as having a learning disability. This entry is about how he...

Tags: DaveM, Leicester, Canada

Category: Australian Teachers

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Dave explains why felloe Ontario teachers should consider leaving Ontario and look for opportunities elsewhere.  As a teacher from Ontario, Canada I know first hand how bleak the prospects are of getting a full-time job (unless you’re...

Tags: DaveM, Leicester, Canada

Category: Australian Teachers

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Lynn is a secondary teacher who has worked with a number of fantastic teaching assistants. Here are her reasons why teaching assistants are great: They support in the classroom and help me They are a good source of advice They see...

Tags: LynnB, Leicester, Supply

Category: Australian Teachers

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Has your mind gone blank over half term and you can't remember what to take to school? Never fear Lynn is here with her checklist. Lynn has got this down to a fine art. In my pencil case: black / blue / red and green pens pencils a...

Tags: LynnB, Leicester, Supply

Category: Australian Teachers

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