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Sophie is a Primary Teacher who is currently working with our Bristol branch. Books are a brilliant resource and Sophie shares some ideas of using them in your lessons. A Book Can Take You a Long Way In my supply bag I always...

Tags: SophieW, Bristol, supply, NQT, books, literature, World-Book-Day, author, lessons, ideas, tips, resources

Category: Australian Teachers

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It goes by many names, from; Supply, Emergency, Casual Relief Teaching, however it is quite similar to what you would expect in Australian Schools and there are no huge differences. In an ideal world you will be pre-booked by your UK Consultant,...

Tags: supply, emergency, casual, relief, resources, lessons

Category: Overseas Trained Teachers

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Orianne is a Canadian teacher working through Protocol Education Bristol branch. She shares some extra issues she has the classroom, as I'm sure other Protocol Teachers have had happen. Confessions of a Short Teacher Can...

Tags: Orianne, Protocol Education, Support, Teacher, Short, Lesson,

Category: Australian Teachers

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We welcome Sophie to our Protoblogging team. Sophie is a Primary Teacher who is currently working with our Bristol branch. In her debut blog, she explores the use of 5 minute lesson plans when supply teaching.  Five minute lesson plans Being...

Tags: sophiew, supply, NQT, lessons, planning, assessment, experiences, learn, teacher,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Miranda is a Primary Supply Teacher working in schools through Protocol Education in Manchester. Miranda encourages us not to play it safe as supply teachers and instead create an exciting, interactive and alternative science lesson. Science...

Tags: Miranda, Manchester, Supply, Science, lessons, ideas, ice

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sophie is a Primary Teacher who is currently working with our Bristol branch. Having a bunch of great lesson ideas is something we all need, and Sophie gives a little tip that she has used. Maybe we should be adding a ball of string to our...

Tags: SophieW, supply, NQT, lessons, ideas, activities, PSHE, engagement, sharing, focus, bullying

Category: Australian Teachers

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It's not a regular event, however you may find yourself being observed while working as a daily supply teacher. Hannah offers her best tips of how to handle this and what to expect.  Many of us choose to do supply to get away from observations,...

Tags: HannahB, Lesson-Observations

Category: Australian Teachers

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Heather is a Primary Teacher from Canada who is currently working in London through Protocol Education. Dedicated blogger Heather in nearing the end of her time in London and shares with us some reflections on her time here. As I...

Tags: Heather, LondonNorth, Canadian-trained, teacher, travel, opportunities, lessons-learnt, London, literature

Category: Australian Teachers

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Siobhan is an primary teacher from Sydney who decided to move to the UK after university to teach in schools in London through Protocol Education. Sadly, her time in the UK has come to an end and she shares her thoughts before heading...

Tags: Siobhan, ProtocolEducation, Teaching, UK, Australian, Overseas, Reflection, Lessons,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Miranda is a Primary Supply Teacher working in schools through Protocol Education in Manchester. In her latest blog Miranda shares her frustrations of covering someone's class. Mind boggling! The fun of being a supply. What often amuses...

Tags: Miranda, Protocol Education, Supply teaching, Teacher, Primary, lessons, learning

Category: Australian Teachers

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We all can use some useful tips in the classroom and has teachers we love little things that help make our job a little easier. Sophie suggests using post-it-notes.  Now I know post-it-notes are such a simple resource in a classroom but they...

Tags: SophieW, Bristol, NQT, resources, lessons, ideas, share, community

Category: Australian Teachers

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Miranda works through Protocol Education Manchester as a primary teacher. This is why she is looking forward to returning to her supply teaching work... Unlike Lynne, a fellow protoblogger, I have not spent the summer industriously. All I did...

Tags: Miranda, Teach in Manchester, Primary Teacher, Lessons, Holidays, Protocol Education, Supply Teaching

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sarah is an Australian-trained Primary and Secondary teacher working as a supply teacher in London schools through Protocol Education. Sometimes the advice "take work in case nothing is set" seems a bit vague when faced with a class...

Tags: SarahH, Protocol Education, Lesson Plans,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Miranda is a Primary Supply Teacher working in schools through Protocol Education in Manchester. Miranda shares some wonderful tips for supply teachers to effectively incorporate Assessment for Learning (AFL) in the one-off lessons...

Tags: Miranda, Protocol-Education, AFL, Assessment, learning, supply, lesson, ideas,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy has put together ideas for you to use with your class in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup.  With the World Cup beginning on 12th June 2014, your students are bound to be talking about football at school. So, how can we turn this enthusiasm...

Tags: AmyTR, West-Midlands, Watford, Secondary, World-Cup, football, teaching, teacher, idea, lessons

Category: Australian Teachers

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Secondary teacher Giles works for Protocol Education in Manchester. Giles encourages us to make a choice when it comes to choosing sleep and that your children will remember you, not the endless hours of planning.  I have always...

Tags: Giles, Secondary, Manchester, sleep, night, planning, lessons,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Heather is a Primary Teacher from Canada who is currently working in London through Protocol Education. Heather has had the opportunity to travel many parts of the world and shares some of the lessons she has learnt. Travel is an...

Tags: Heather, LondonNorth, Canadian-trained, teacher, travel, opportunities, world, overseas, quotes, lessons, thoughts, home, shared

Category: Australian Teachers

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Kirstie is a Canadian Secondary Teacher in Watford. Her Protoblog today focuses on the differences in lesson planning in Canada and UK and how best to "work with what you are given"! Enjoy... Register for Teaching Jobs - Search for Teaching...

Tags: Kirsten, Overseas Teacher, Canadian Teacher, Supply Teacher, Protocol Education, Lesson Plans, Secondary School, Teach in UK

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sophie is a Primary Teacher who is currently working with our Bristol branch. Are you lesson planning this school break? Why not put some videos in your planning? The use of video in the classroom All children learn in different...

Tags: SophieW, Bristol, NQT, supply, video, lesson-planning, variation, classroom, assesment

Category: Australian Teachers

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