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Our blogger Alisha has now arrived in England and has got off to a great start. Hear about her experiences and her initial thoughts on her big move.  I can’t believe I am writing to you from my hotel room in Watford, England! It feels like...

Tags: Alisha, New-Zealand, London

Category: Australian Teachers

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Alisha spent the last part of 2014 planning and preparing for her move to the UK. This is included a Skype interview! She takes us through her experience as well as offering her tips.  A lot has been going on for me lately and has been a very...

Tags: Alisha, New-Zealand, London

Category: Australian Teachers

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Alisha has made the decision to come and teach in the UK. In her latest blog, she gives us an update on her planning and her thoughts about where to live.  It has been a wee while since my last blog entry but I have been very busy with three...

Tags: Alisha, New-Zealand, teacher, move, overseas, Uxbridge

Category: Australian Teachers

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Protocol Education Blog

OCTOBER 2017 | "Your teaching agency needs to be transparent"
Jacqui is an Aussie teacher who has just returned from her 2 years in the UK. She got in touch with Mitch from the Sydney office and has been able to...
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AUGUST 2017 | Aussie Dollar vs British Pound
Mitch Jones is Protocol Education’s NSW-based consultant working with Australian teachers in their move to the UK. In his latest blog he chats...
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JUNE 2017 | Taking a long term approach to teaching
Alyce is an Aussie Primary teacher who took part in our September 2016 round of 'Interviews with a UK Principal.' Rather than start her role...
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MAY 2017 | Been to London, Bought the T-Shirt, Back in Sydney
Brad is an Aussie teacher who has just returned to Sydney after spending nearly 2 years living and teaching with Protocol in London! Fair to say he’s...
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A Teacher's Journey to London
Stephanie is a teacher originally from Canada, and in this latest blog she wants to give some advice (and hopefully inspiration) to other teachers from...
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