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Landed that long-term role? Here's a 10 item check list for your first week! Contact us - Register for Teaching Jobs - Search for Teaching Jobs Top 10 Things To Do In The First Week Of School 1. Learn the behaviour...

Tags: Ivan, Secondary Teacher, Long-Term Role, Overseas trained teacher, Tips, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Timing your trip to the UK is a crucial part of your travels; arrive at the wrong time and you can be left with little or no work! Keeping an eye on the UK school calendar is one of the most important things you need to do when making your plans.   If...

Tags: UK School Terms, Casual teaching in the UK, Guaranteed casual work

Category: Australian Teachers

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Miranda is a Primary Supply Teacher working in schools through Protocol Education in Manchester. Miranda has recently accepted a long term role and feels that her supply experience has been of tremendous value. Big up for supply...

Tags: Miranda, Manchester, NQT, supply, long-term, opportunities, value, experiences, recognition

Category: Australian Teachers

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Lauren is a Canadian-trained primary teacher who works for Protocol Education's Surrey team. Lauren has recently taken on a long-term role, however it wasn't easy coming to her decision and there were many things she...

Tags: LaurenK, Canada, LondonSouth, Surrey, Canadian-trained, overseas, choices, opportunities, long-term, short-term, daily, supply, decisions

Category: Australian Teachers

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Now you’ve made the decision to head off on your Working Holiday, it’s time to start thinking about your teaching options, and what category_id of work  is going to suit you better. Some of our teachers want the security of having...

Tags: Teach in England, Teach in London, Teach in the UK, Relief Teaching, Supply Teaching, Casual Teaching, Long term teaching contracts, Protocol Education, Facebook, Primary Teaching, Secondary Teaching

Category: Teach in the UK

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Miranda is a Primary Supply Teacher working in schools through Protocol Education in Manchester. It's cold, it's getting colder, and all we want to do is stay in bed and not answer the phone on those early mornings of supply...

Tags: Miranda, February, supply, tough-times, Spring-term

Category: Australian Teachers

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The Big Move to the UK... Protocol Education has teamed up with Accommodation London to offer our Australian Teachers somewhere to stay in the UK! Your bags are packed, and you have left Mum and Dad at the airport and you’re on your way. ...

Tags: Finding UK Accommodation, London Accommodation, Short-Term UK Accommodation, Long-Term UK Accommodation, Live in London, Teach in London, Teach in the UK, Teaching Jobs

Category: Australian Teachers

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  Beth is a Secondary  teacher working in schools in Leicester through Protocol Education. Her first Protoblog reflects on the enthusiastic welcome she received when she returned to a school she had been placed at long term, this time...

Tags: Beth, Secondary Supply, Teach in Leicester, Teach in UK, Long term Supply

Category: Australian Teachers

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Teresa, a Kiwi Secondary Teacher in London, has joined our band of merry bloggers! This half term she explains how she occupies herself during the holidays in London - without breaking the bank... Are you looking for teaching or support work in...

Tags: Teresa, Protocol Education, Protoblog, Half Term, New Zealand, Holiday

Category: Australian Teachers

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We have found that many candidates like to mix it up when working with us. Sometimes you might be looking for daily supply, other times it will be something more long-term.  Both options offer different advantages and things to consider. Here...

Tags: Protocol-Education, blogs, choices, possibilities, long-term, supply, daily, flexibility, security

Category: Australian Teachers

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It's National Supply Teacher Week! One of our amazing SEN Learning Support Assistants, Helen Le Brun, was nominated by our London SEN team as their Long Term Supply Worker of the Year. She has won a free massage/reflexology...

Tags: NSTW, Interview, Long term, Support, Teaching Assistant, SEN, National Supply Teacher Week, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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It's National Supply Teacher Week! The fabulous Ila Mazumdar was nominated by our London East Primary team as their Long Term Supply Teacher of the Year. She has won a free massage/reflexology treatment and an evening of pampering...

Tags: Primary Teacher, Ila, National Supply Teacher Week, Long Term Role, NQT, Supply Teacher, NSTW, Protocol Education, London West Primary

Category: Australian Teachers

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It's National Supply Teacher Week! The extremely hard-working Nicola Nel was nominated by our South Primary team as their Long Term Supply Teacher of the Year. She has won a free massage/reflexology treatment and an evening of pampering on us....

Tags: NSTW, Interview, Long term, Supply Teacher, National Supply Teacher Week, Teaching jobs in South London, Protocol Education, Pamper Evening

Category: Australian Teachers

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Miranda is a Primary Supply Teacher working in schools through Protocol Education in Manchester. Miranda feels that opting for supply experience rather than doing her NQT straight away has benefited her in many ways.  As...

Tags: Miranda, Manchester, NQT, supply, long-term, opportunities, preparation, interviews, experience

Category: Australian Teachers

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We have two bloggers named Samantha! Samantha is a Canadian trained teacher who works with our Newcastle branch. In her debut blog, she shares how she came to the decision of supply teaching over a long-term teaching role.  I was still at...

Tags: SamanthaP, Newcastle, Canadian-trained, long-term, supply, choices, decisions, opportunities

Category: Australian Teachers

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Meg is a New Zealand trained teacher who has recently arrived in the UK and is a supply teacher in London with Protocol Education. Meg has made the decision to take on a long-term role for the summer term. In her latest blog,...

Tags: Meg, London, New-Zealand-trained, London, long-term, supply, challenges, choices, commitment

Category: Australian Teachers

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Not sure what to do next year ? No teaching position arranged? Why not head to the UK? Whether you are looking for daily supply teaching or a long term position Protocol Education can help. With 15 Offices all over England we can offer...

Tags: Teach in London, Teach in England, Teach in the UK, Protocol Education, Supply Teaching, Long term vacancies, Facebook, Protocol Education Australian Offices

Category: Teach in the UK

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Teresa is a Kiwi Secondary teacher who has done a lot of work for Protocol Education. She has some advice for fellow Proto-blogger Amy who is about to swith from long term to daily supply teaching.    Read Amy's blog, Switching...

Tags: Teresa, Amy, Supply Teaching, Teach in UK, Kiwi, Canadian, Daily Supply, Long term Supply, Advice

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy is a Primary Teacher working in schools in London through Protocol Education. Amy has got a class of her own. Read about her process of finding a long term role. And it came to pass… I chose supply teaching over regular...

Tags: AmyC, London, teacher, long-term, supply, primary, choices, experiences, classroom, PGCE, spring, summer

Category: Australian Teachers

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Samantha is a Secondary drama teacher and is currently in a long term role in East London. Samantha shares how the choice of daily supply and long-term work enters her mind frequently.  Short term or long term supply: “To be or...

Tags: Samantha, Bromley, Secondary, drama, long-term, supply, daily, choices

Category: Australian Teachers

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Follow Amy as she documents her experiences supply teaching in South London Primary Schools and Nurseries through Protocol Education. Amy has recently completed a long term assignment at one of our client schools and is moving on to daily supply teaching....

Tags: Amy, Long-term Supply, Daily Supply Teaching, Protocol Education, Primary, MFL

Category: Australian Teachers

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Kirstie is a Canadian secondary teacher in Milton Keynes who blogs for Protocol Education regularly. With half-term approaching her thoughts are on TRAVEL and she has some very valuable advice for our teachers and support workers thinking of taking...

Tags: Kirsten, Protoblog, Travel, Canadian Teacher, Teach in UK, Secondary, Protocol Education, Half-Term

Category: Australian Teachers

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Shawna is a Canadian-trained Primary Teacher who is a supply teacher based in London. As many of our overseas teachers have found out, once in the UK there are many teaching opportunities waiting for you and Shawna's latest...

Tags: Shawna, Protocol, Canadian-Teacher, overseas, teaching, learning, experience, choices, decisions, long-term, supply,

Category: Australian Teachers

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