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Amy understands that as a supply teacher that behaviour management can be even more of a challenge. You may find that the students don't respect you as much as their usual class teacher, and not knowing their names can make discipline even...

Tags: AmyTR, West Midlands, Watford, Behaviour

Category: Australian Teachers

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Lisa is a Canadian Primary/Secondary Teacher working through Protocol Education Watford, and uses the blog to share her experiences teaching in the UK! Looking for a teaching or support job in schools? register here or search for jobs Gold...

Tags: Liss, Teacher, Primary, Secondary, Canadian Trained Teacher, OTT, Teach in Luton, Watford,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy has moved from one London to another! In her debut blog she shares her experiences and offers advice to those considering the move.  When I first decided to move to London, UK (which needs to be differentiated from my hometown of London,...

Tags: AmyS, Teaching, Canada, London, Watford

Category: Australian Teachers

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Teaching assistants can be an absolutely blessing in your classroom. However, they can also be a burden if there is a negative relationship or if they are not used properly.  Amy recommends ways of working with your teaching assistants to have...

Tags: AmyTR, West Midlands, Watford

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sheridan has recently changed roles within the school she has been working in. She shares with us how she is getting on in her new role.  After spending five weeks working as a year two interventionist teacher (and just finding my feet in the...

Tags: Sheridan, Australia, Watford

Category: Australian Teachers

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We welcome Fiona to our blogging team. She has recently made the move from Ireland to teach in the UK. Find out how she got on from the beginning.  So I’m sitting here thinking of all the ways I can procrastinate the weekend away and...

Tags: Fiona, Ireland, teaching, Watford

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sheridan has recently moved to the UK and has taken on a very different role to what she thought she would be doing!  Before I came to the UK, I was a Queensland Kindergarten teacher for 18 months, always with an idea of coming to the UK after...

Tags: Sheridan, Australia, Watford

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy has put together ideas for you to use with your class in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup.  With the World Cup beginning on 12th June 2014, your students are bound to be talking about football at school. So, how can we turn this enthusiasm...

Tags: AmyTR, West-Midlands, Watford, Secondary, World-Cup, football, teaching, teacher, idea, lessons

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy is a secondary school teacher who has works for Protocol Education. Amy has worked in a number of different schools and in her most recent blog she shares her experience of working in a Special Measures School.  Teaching in a Special...

Tags: AmyTR, Watford, Secondary, supply, special-measures, OFSTED, rankings, development

Category: Australian Teachers

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When you register with Protocol Education, you have the option of not only teaching through our 3 London offices but through 11 other regional branches all across the country. Many teachers aren’t too keen on the fast-paced lifestyle of London...

Tags: Supply Teaching, Teach in the UK, Primary Teaching Jobs, Secondary Teaching Jobs, Protocol Education, Watford jobs, St. Albans jobs, Luton jobs, Oxford jobs,

Category: Teach in the UK

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Halli gives us an update on how her teaching is going in the UK and she had the time of her life in her schools! Getting to different schools for a couple weeks now has been a really promising experience for me. I have really noticed my levels...

Tags: Halli, Canada, London, Watford

Category: Australian Teachers

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