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Amy understands that as a supply teacher that behaviour management can be even more of a challenge. You may find that the students don't respect you as much as their usual class teacher, and not knowing their names can make discipline even...

Tags: AmyTR, West Midlands, Watford, Behaviour

Category: Australian Teachers

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Meg is a New Zealand trained teacher who has recently arrived in the UK and is a supply teacher in London with Protocol Education. Meg has hit the ground running since arriving in London and she shares her ups and downs so far.  Two...

Tags: Meg, LondonWest, New-Zealand-trained, London, arrival, changes, differences,

Category: Australian Teachers

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As a Geography teacher, Amy combines the love of her subject with a passion for travelling. One of the advantages of being on supply is that you can take holiday time to travel abroad.  Some supply teachers even work for six months and then...

Tags: AmyTR, West-Midlands, London, travel

Category: Australian Teachers

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Meg is a New Zealand trained teacher who has recently arrived in the UK and is a supply teacher in London with Protocol Education. She shares her experiences of getting her CV UK ready and what to expect from pursuing a long...

Tags: Meg, LondonWest, New-Zealand-trained, London, differences, CV

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton. We know we won't always get along with everyone, but how do we handle working with challenging co-workers? Emma shares her experiences. Dealing...

Tags: EmmaH, West-Midlands, supply, PRU, co-workers, challenges, people, attitudes, surprise, peer-pressure

Category: Australian Teachers

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Teaching assistants can be an absolutely blessing in your classroom. However, they can also be a burden if there is a negative relationship or if they are not used properly.  Amy recommends ways of working with your teaching assistants to have...

Tags: AmyTR, West Midlands, Watford

Category: Australian Teachers

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If you have been following Emma's blog, you will know that she works in a pupil referral unit (PRU) which she thoroughly enjoys. She has recently had some exciting news in her personal life and she shares the first few weeks.  Pregnant...

Tags: EmmaH, Protocol Education, Supply, Teaching, West-Midlands

Category: Australian Teachers

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Gareth is a Secondary Teacher from Australia, currently working in West London schools through Protocol Education. In his previous post Gareth wrote about the possibilities of having CCTV in the classroom! The favourite uncle A major issue...

Tags: Gareth, Teacher, Australian Teacher, Aussie, Secondary, Teach in London, Teach in West London, Classroom Fibs, CCTV, OTT

Category: Australian Teachers

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Whether it is for a permanent job, maternity cover or supply work, your interview technique will be essential for securing that all important position. Here are Amy's some top tips for interview success.  Top Tips for Interview - How to...

Tags: AmyTR, West-Midlands

Category: Australian Teachers

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It's National Supply Teacher Week! The fabulous Ila Mazumdar was nominated by our London East Primary team as their Long Term Supply Teacher of the Year. She has won a free massage/reflexology treatment and an evening of pampering...

Tags: Primary Teacher, Ila, National Supply Teacher Week, Long Term Role, NQT, Supply Teacher, NSTW, Protocol Education, London West Primary

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton. Have you considered extroverted and introverted learners in your classroom. In her latest blog Emma discusses the introvert.  Introverts Unite! -separately. "I...

Tags: EmmaH, West-Midlands, supply, support, introvert, personality, learning, types, difficulties

Category: Australian Teachers

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Gareth is a Secondary Teacher from Australia who is working in West London schools through Protocol Education. Recently, a crime was committed in Gareth's classroom and the class went into lock down. Gareth shares the proceedings. Lock...

Tags: Gareth, Protocol Education, Classroom, Behaviour, Classroom management, property, Australian Teacher, West London, Secondary

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy shares some strategies to assist with managing our workload during our teaching week. We'd be interested to hear how you go trying them out.  On average, one in three teachers leave the profession within the first five years. This...

Tags: AmyTR, West-Midlands, primary, supply, managing, time, effectiveness, workload

Category: Australian Teachers

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Lynne is a Secondary Teacher with QTS who is currently working in schools through Protocol Education in Bristol. Lynne shares her thoughts in recent findings in her local authority.  I was really shocked to read in my local...

Tags: Lyn, Secondary, Bristol, Supply, attitudes, local-authority, challenges, lowest, statistics, concerns

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton. Emma has had a range of experiences while working through us and she shares an insight into working in a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). Reflections...

Tags: EmmaH, West-Midlands, supply, support, experiences, PRU, excluded, opportunities, attitude

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy has put together ideas for you to use with your class in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup.  With the World Cup beginning on 12th June 2014, your students are bound to be talking about football at school. So, how can we turn this enthusiasm...

Tags: AmyTR, West-Midlands, Watford, Secondary, World-Cup, football, teaching, teacher, idea, lessons

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma's latest blog highlights the impact of violence on children she works with in a pupil referral unit.  "I stabbed my teacher, you know.  That's why I was excluded from my last school". Rajesh* was grinning. ...

Tags: EmmaH, Shropshire, West-Midlands, PRU, pupil, referral,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy is a Primary Teacher working in schools in London through Protocol Education. Amy is able to get by on only 6 hours sleep, which is what most of our teachers get.  Sleep is a topic I always seem to be discussing. Like weather,...

Tags: AmyC, LondonWest, sleep, teacher, rest, functioning, ability,

Category: Australian Teachers

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