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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton. Her second ProtoBlog reflects on how the beauty of being a supply teacher is that it allows her see the very best and very worst in schools and learn to...

Tags: EmmaH, Teaching Assistant, Supply Worker, Teach in Wolverhampton, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Fiona is a great teaching assistant who works in both mainstream and SEN schools through Protocol Education. Her latest ProtoBlog is about her experience working supply in mainstream UK schools. My Job as a Teaching Assistant I love working...

Tags: Teach in the UK, Teaching Assistant work, Teach in Nottingham, Supply Teaching, Relief teaching, casual teaching, teaching agencies in London, teaching agencies in the UK, teaching agencies in England

Category: UK Teaching Stories

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We are delighted to introduce Megan - our newest Proto-blogger. Megan is a Canadian Teaching Assistant who has recently moved over to the UK. Today she shares the details of a rewarding project she was involved with in Florida - one which...

Tags: MeganS, TA, Teaching Assistant, Support Worker, Canadian, Protocol Education, Environmental Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Be all you can be! By extending your Teaching in an International setting you are not only becoming a better educator, you are making yourself an attractive prospect for a position in Australia upon your return. It is a known fact that Aussie Principals...

Tags: Teach UK, Teach London, Teaching in England, Working Holiday UK, Supply Teaching england

Category: Teach in the UK



Timing your trip to the UK is a crucial part of your travels; arrive at the wrong time and you can be left with little or no work! Keeping an eye on the UK school calendar is one of the most important things you need to do when making your plans.   If...

Tags: UK School Terms, Casual teaching in the UK, Guaranteed casual work

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton. At this time of year many coughs and colds make the rounds and Emma gives her advice. Coughs and sneezes spread diseases - aka the perils of working...

Tags: Emma, Protocol Education, coughs, colds, ill, work, winter, supply, Christmas

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton. We know we won't always get along with everyone, but how do we handle working with challenging co-workers? Emma shares her experiences. Dealing...

Tags: EmmaH, West-Midlands, supply, PRU, co-workers, challenges, people, attitudes, surprise, peer-pressure

Category: Australian Teachers

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Megan is a Canadian Teaching Assistant who has recently moved to London and is currently working in schools through Protocol Education. She continues her Green Classroom theme with a post that reflects on how much children stand to benefit from getting...

Tags: Megan,TA,Teaching Assistant, Support work in London, Nature, Environment, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Nicholas runs, an educational website dedicated to sharing the latest technology news, education through and overall silliness teachers need to survive the rigors of the educational world.  Nicholas implemented...

Tags: NicholasP, TheNerdyTeacher, blogs, children, work, projects, social-media

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma, who is a regular blogger for Protocol Education, is a Teaching Assistant who works in Wolverhampton. After reading her latest blog, I'd like to know who else has found themselves in the same situation as I most certainly...

Tags: EmmaH, Protocol Education, SATNAV, Directions, Teaching Assistant, work,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton. Her latest post is about the need for swimming lessons and the resources needed for these lesson to be of any value! Make a splash at the pool-...

Tags: EmmaH, Teaching Assistant, Supply Working, Swimming, Primary, Protocol Education, Government

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy has recently arrived in the UK and shares her first experiences. I first found out about Protocol Education through my university.  The application process was so easy.  I attended an information session in Brisbane and was able to...

Tags: AmyJ, London, Australian-trained, Nicole, team, work, supply

Category: Australian Teachers

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Amy shares some strategies to assist with managing our workload during our teaching week. We'd be interested to hear how you go trying them out.  On average, one in three teachers leave the profession within the first five years. This...

Tags: AmyTR, West-Midlands, primary, supply, managing, time, effectiveness, workload

Category: Australian Teachers

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It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance while abroad to cover things like; delays, cancellations and lost luggage, sickness, injury and theft. This can be purchased for the duration of the flight(s) or an entire 12months depending on your...

Tags: Teach UK, Teach England, SUpply work in UK, Protocol Education Jobs, London Teaching, UK Teaching, Working Holiday England

Category: Teach in the UK

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton.Today she discusses the issue of peer pressure in Primary schools and it's effect on her students. “Johnny did it first!” Peer pressure...

Tags: EmmaH, Teaching Assistant, Peer Pressure, Primary Schools, Support Worker, Uniform Policy, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton. In today's post Emma talks about how her dissertation around the subject of bullying allowed her to finally see that she, a former victim, was not...

Tags: EmmaH, Teaching Assistant, Bullying, Primary Schools, Support Worker, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Lynne is a Secondary Teacher with QTS who is currently working in schools through Protocol Education in Bristol. In her first Protoblog of the 2013 she discusses seasonal blues, and the temptations the slower supply months bring with them. Register...

Tags: Supply Teaching, Lyn, Teach in Bristol, Protocol Education, Protoblog, teaching jobs, Supply Work

Category: Australian Teachers

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Not something we’re used to over here, Umbrella Companies are widely used by many contractors in the UK, to offset their expenses, and as a result get a larger pay packet each week by paying less tax. Protocol Education have teamed up with...

Tags: Teach in the UK, Teach in England, Teach in London, Supply Teaching, Working as a Contractor/Supply teacher, Umbrella Companies, Key Portfolio

Category: Teach in the UK

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Aussie trained Teachers have been travelling to the UK for decades – so what’s all the fuss about? Supply/Emergency Teaching is in high demand throughout England and Protocol Education has branches all over the country. The UK School...

Tags: Teach in the UK, Protocol Education, Jobs in England, Teach UK, Working in London, Teaching Agency

Category: Teach in the UK

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Gemma, a  Teaching Assistant  who has worked through Protocol Education in Sheffield shares her views about the concept of schools as "profit systems" in her interesting and somewhat  thought-provoking Protoblog.  When...

Tags: Gemma, Teaching Assistant Jobs, Support Workers, Primary Supply Jobs, Teachers, Protocol Education, Schools

Category: Australian Teachers

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Beginning to dream of your classroom layout in September? What about your working walls? Miranda shares what she thinks makes a good working wall.  Do walls have ears? What do your classroom walls say about you?  Boy do I love a...

Tags: Miranda, Manchester, Supply, working-wall, resources

Category: Australian Teachers

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