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If you are a teacher who is looking at securing a long term position in the UK then we have some great news for you! Protocol Education can now confirm that we are flying over a Head Teacher representing the London borough of Newham who will be...

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Taking a class of your own for the first time? You are not alone! Fiona, one of our teachers, has put together some great advice to help you cope.  I moved from Australia to London at the beginning of the summer term to take on a class...

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Category: Australian Teachers

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Our blogger Alisha has now arrived in England and has got off to a great start. Hear about her experiences and her initial thoughts on her big move.  I can’t believe I am writing to you from my hotel room in Watford, England! It feels like...

Tags: Alisha, New-Zealand, London

Category: Australian Teachers

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Meg is a New Zealand trained teacher who has recently arrived in the UK and is a supply teacher in London with Protocol Education. Meg has hit the ground running since arriving in London and she shares her ups and downs so far.  Two...

Tags: Meg, LondonWest, New-Zealand-trained, London, arrival, changes, differences,

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Continuing with our interviews with supply teachers, we caught up with Meg and asked about her experiences as a supply teacher with Protocol Education. 1) What do you love about doing supply work? Supply work is great if your focus is to travel,...

Tags: Meg, London, New-Zealand-Trained,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Heather is a Primary Teacher from Canada who is currently working in London through Protocol Education. Getting children inspired to write can be challenging at times, however, given an engaging experience, clear objectives and working...

Tags: Heather, Canadian-trained, teacher, blitz, history, experiences, newsletter, recount, target,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Meg is a New Zealand trained teacher who has recently arrived in the UK and is a supply teacher in London with Protocol Education. She shares her experiences of getting her CV UK ready and what to expect from pursuing a long...

Tags: Meg, LondonWest, New-Zealand-trained, London, differences, CV

Category: Australian Teachers

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Alison is new to our blogging team. She begins by sharing her experiences of Protocol Education and working in the UK over the past year.  I first started working as a supply teacher with Protocol Education last April in Newcastle Upon Tyne....

Tags: Alison, Irish, Ireland, Newcastle, teaching, London

Category: Australian Teachers

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Alisha spent the last part of 2014 planning and preparing for her move to the UK. This is included a Skype interview! She takes us through her experience as well as offering her tips.  A lot has been going on for me lately and has been a very...

Tags: Alisha, New-Zealand, London

Category: Australian Teachers

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Teresa, a Kiwi Secondary Teacher in London, has joined our band of merry bloggers! This half term she explains how she occupies herself during the holidays in London - without breaking the bank... Are you looking for teaching or support work in...

Tags: Teresa, Protocol Education, Protoblog, Half Term, New Zealand, Holiday

Category: Australian Teachers

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Stephen discusses how to promote good behaviour as a supply teacher. Good behaviour is something all teachers seek to promote in the classroom but it is seldom a given when you are teaching on supply. When you take a class for the first time it’s...

Tags: Stephen, Sheffield, Newcastle, teacher, behaviour

Category: Australian Teachers

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Miranda is a Primary Supply Teacher working in schools through Protocol Education in Manchester.  No wonder I often feel long in the tooth as I set foot in various classrooms across the North West. I am. Long gone are the...

Tags: Miranda, ProtoBlog, primary teacher, teach in Manchester, young teacher, new teacher, technology, ipad, age, protocol education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Meg shares her experiences of supply teaching and taking on a long-term role. Is it what she is looking for?  10 weeks of supply work, and I was over it. Walking in and out, reading names off a list, struggling to put names to a face... wait...

Tags: Meg, London, New-Zealand-Trained,

Category: Australian Teachers

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We have two bloggers named Samantha! Samantha is a Canadian trained teacher who works with our Newcastle branch. In her debut blog, she shares how she came to the decision of supply teaching over a long-term teaching role.  I was still at...

Tags: SamanthaP, Newcastle, Canadian-trained, long-term, supply, choices, decisions, opportunities

Category: Australian Teachers

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Meg is a New Zealand trained teacher who has recently arrived in the UK and is a supply teacher in London with Protocol Education. Meg has made the decision to take on a long-term role for the summer term. In her latest blog,...

Tags: Meg, London, New-Zealand-trained, London, long-term, supply, challenges, choices, commitment

Category: Australian Teachers

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Orianne is a Canadian teacher working through Protocol Education Bristol branch. Coming to the end of the year often makes us reflect on the past year and the year ahead. While wishing us a Happy New Year, Orianne shares her...

Tags: Orianne, Canadian-trained, Protocol Education, Teacher, new-year, reflections, belonging, overseas, Canadian-trained-teacher,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Alisha has made the decision to come and teach in the UK. In her latest blog, she gives us an update on her planning and her thoughts about where to live.  It has been a wee while since my last blog entry but I have been very busy with three...

Tags: Alisha, New-Zealand, teacher, move, overseas, Uxbridge

Category: Australian Teachers

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Nicholas runs, an educational website dedicated to sharing the latest technology news, education through and overall silliness teachers need to survive the rigors of the educational world.  Nicholas gives teachers...

Tags: NicholasP, TheNerdyTeacher, blogs, ICT, technology, new, ideas,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton. The summer is drawing to a close and there is an audible sigh of relief from parents everywhere, as sad little faces shop for new uniforms.  But also from my...

Tags: EmmaH, ProtoBlog, Teaching Assistant, New School Year, Teach in Wolverhampton, Supply, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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While we are happy to see the sun sticking around (in London at least) we know that the summer is over and the days are getting shorter again. Meg reflects on the summer she has had. Maybe we can transport ourselves for a moment?  The whirl...

Tags: Meg, New-Zealand-trained, supply, London, Surrey, teaching

Category: Australian Teachers

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It's officially July and that means that there are only a few weeks to go until the end of term. What will you be doing over the summer? Meg lets us know how she is going with her budget and what travel she has planned.  Summer holidays,...

Tags: Meg, London, New-Zealand-Trained,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Meg is a New Zealand trained teacher preparing to move to the UK to be a supply teaching with Protocol Education. In her debut blog, Meg is counting down the weeks and offers her advice on what you need to do if you want to come and teach in the UK. The...

Tags: Meg, New-Zealand-trained, moving, big-changes, UK, Protocol, Kiwi,

Category: Australian Teachers

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Alisha has made the decision to come and teach in the UK. In her debut blog, she shares with us how she came to that decision and how the planning has been going so far.  I was first introduced to the idea of teaching in the UK when my University...

Tags: Alisha, New-Zealand-trained, teacher, move, overseas

Category: Australian Teachers

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Emma is a Teaching Assistant who works for Protocol Education in Wolverhampton. Emma inspires us to take up a new challenge. Next time you get that call say yes! Try something new today. I remember the first time...

Tags: EmmaH, Protocol Education, New, Challenges, Learning, Foundation Stage, Curriculum,

Category: Australian Teachers

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