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Landed that long-term role? Here's a 10 item check list for your first week! Contact us - Register for Teaching Jobs - Search for Teaching Jobs Top 10 Things To Do In The First Week Of School 1. Learn the behaviour...

Tags: Ivan, Secondary Teacher, Long-Term Role, Overseas trained teacher, Tips, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Orianne is a Canadian teacher working through Protocol Education Bristol branch. We have had unseasonal wet weather this winter and Orianne has come up with some ways for us to enjoy it. Rain, rain, go away, come again…but...

Tags: Orianne, Bristol, Canadian-trained, rain, England, differences, ideas, tips, days-off, sunshine, indoors, weather

Category: Australian Teachers

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Sophie is a Primary Teacher who is currently working with our Bristol branch. Books are a brilliant resource and Sophie shares some ideas of using them in your lessons. A Book Can Take You a Long Way In my supply bag I always...

Tags: SophieW, Bristol, supply, NQT, books, literature, World-Book-Day, author, lessons, ideas, tips, resources

Category: Australian Teachers

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Lynne is a Secondary Teacher with QTS who is currently working in schools through Protocol Education in Bristol. Lynne explains that supply teachers need to be smart and decisive when judging the nature of the classes they teach,...

Tags: Lyn, Secondary, supply, teaching, ideas, tips, behaviour, not-always-easy, adapt, discipline, classroom

Category: Australian Teachers

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Jo is a Canadian teacher from Ontario who is working as a Supply Teacher through Protocol Education in schools in Bristol. Today she reveals what her two years have taught her! Thanks to Protocol Education, I’ve been happily supply teaching...

Tags: Jo, Supply teacher, Primary, Teach in Bristol, Canadian teacher, Tips, Supply Teaching, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Heather is a Primary Teacher from Canada who is currently working in London through Protocol Education.  While our schools have been eerily empty over the summer, we've been enjoying the lovely weather that has hit London...

Tags: Heather, ProtoBlog, Primary Teacher, Canadian Teacher, Summer, Tips, Teach in London, Primary Supply, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Nicholas runs, an educational website dedicated to sharing the latest technology news, education through and overall silliness teachers need to survive the rigors of the educational world. Nicholas shares the uses he has found for...

Tags: NicholasP, TheNerdyTeacher, school, social-media, ideas, tips, resources, education, technology, ICT

Category: Australian Teachers

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Jo is a Canadian teacher from Ontario who is working as a Supply Teacher through Protocol Education in schools in Bristol. Today she Introduces us to her simple but very effective way of making sure she remembers what works for each class...

Tags: Jo, Canadian Teacher, Teach in Bristol, Supply Teacher, Tips, Notes, Behaviour, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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Jennifer is a Canadian Primary Teacher working in a Primary School in Essex through Protocol Education. Having worked in both long term and daily supply, Jennifer is well-placed to provide some tips to ease the stress of supply work - and ensure you...

Tags: Jennifer, Canadian-trained, Primary Teacher, Teach in UK, Tips, Overseas Teacher, Daily Supply, Protocol Education

Category: Australian Teachers

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With a school break upon us, we feel it's a good time to be amending and updating your CV. Daisy is manager of the Candidate Management team for our London offices. Her team see thousands of CVs a week. We caught up with her for tips and advice.  How...

Tags: Daisy, CV, amend, update, tips, advice

Category: Australian Teachers

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