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4 Myths About Umbrella Companies   With most agencies promoting umbrella companes as the best way to be paid when teaching in the UK, here are some myths busted about them that will make you think twice.  Remember you always have...

Tags: umbrella companies, PAYE, teaching in London, casual teaching in England

Category: Australian Teachers

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Can I claim my flights to the UK to teach as a tax deduction? If so, should I claim them?   As an Aussie teacher making the move to the UK to teach, you of course want to try and save every penny you can to help in your trip. After all,...

Tags: Umbrella companies, flights, teaching in London

Category: Australian Teachers

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  It has nearly been 6 months since legislation passed regarding umbrella companies which limited the deductions a teacher could claim. Previously to April 2016 a teacher could claim travel to & from school as well as 3 meals a day in...

Tags: umbrella companies, teaching in London, PAYE

Category: Australian Teachers

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Not something we’re used to over here, Umbrella Companies are widely used by many contractors in the UK, to offset their expenses, and as a result get a larger pay packet each week by paying less tax. Protocol Education have teamed up with...

Tags: Teach in the UK, Teach in England, Teach in London, Supply Teaching, Working as a Contractor/Supply teacher, Umbrella Companies, Key Portfolio

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What’s the best method of transferring money from Australia to England and vice versa?? Protocol Education works in partnership with Tranzfers. They offer a fantastic service and great rates with a flat fee of $15 per transfer and the first...

Tags: Teach in the UK, Teach in England, Teach in London, Getting Paid, Umbrella Companies, Flights to the UK, Supply Teaching

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