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Candidate Code of Conduct

Accepting a booking

Protocol Education will always endeavour to give you the maximum notice period possible ahead of a booking. When accepting a booking you should ensure you know the following:

  • The school name and address
  • How long it will take you to get there (in London check TfL)
  • The name of the designated contact
  • The length of the assignment
  • The subjects you will be teaching and/or the year group

Only accept bookings which you can realistically complete. Once you have accepted a booking we expect you to stand by your commitment:

  • If you are unable to attend a booking due to sickness you must call your consultant / team at 7:00am
  • We expect you to arrive at school no later than 8:15am. If you are running late please also contact your consultant / team to give them a clear idea of when you will reach the school

Please be aware that late arrival may lead to a reduction of your day’s pay rate.

Dress Code

Unless advised otherwise at the time of being given the booking teachers are expected to be appropriately dressed at all times (smart/casual). Jeans or trainers should not be worn at any time.

Support, Special Needs and Nursery Workers will be advised of dress code by your consultant while taking the booking.

What to take with you

  • Your CRB
  • Photo ID such as your passport or driving licence
  • Protocol Education timesheet and Class Handover sheet
  • Pre-prepared work as back up in case there is no work set
  • Selection of board pens, pens and pencils as back up in case these are in short supply

School contact

You will have been given the name of a school contact. On arrival please report to this person, they should provide you with:

  • Your timetable for the day
  • Access to behaviour policy
  • Details of any work that has been left
  • Information regarding any specific SEN requirements within your class(es)
  • Information regarding available resources
  • Information regarding school day

During the day

  • Follow work or lesson plans where they are set
  • Make every effort to fit in with the school’s way of working
  • Communicate with and show respect for the support assistants – find out their responsibilities and discuss how to work together
  • Leave the classroom as you found it
  • Mark work where appropriate
  • Complete your Protocol Education Handover sheet - write feedback for the regular class teacher at the end of the lesson or day
  • Ensure all pupils under your care leave safely at the end of the day – this is especially important with younger children who must not be left unattended or leave with an unidentified adult -  check the school’s end of day expectations and finish time beforehand

Classroom behaviour

  • It is important to lay down clear expectations when you enter the classroom – and adhere to them throughout the lesson
  • Avoid any action or tone that may be interpreted as aggressive or confrontational
  • Do not make physical contact with a pupil whatever the circumstances – use another pupil to fetch another member of staff if necessary
  • Do not find yourself alone with a pupil at any time
  • Ensure your mobile phone is switched off during class and do not answer any calls
  • Report any incident however minor to the contact before you leave, or earlier if necessary

At the end of the day

  • Have a Protocol Education Timesheet filled in and get it signed
  • Give feedback on your day
  • Find out if you are required back the following day
  • Feedback to your Protocol Education consultant

Please ensure you are familiar with all relevant Protocol Education Policies and Terms and Conditions.

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