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Protocol Education successfully places many Australian teachers in UK schools, and the capital is the most popular place to settle! We work with nearly 1000 schools across all of Greater London, so chances are we will get you more work, closer to home and in better schools than any other agency! 


Want to get a teaching in London review? Many of our teachers started out with casual relief teaching in London before moving up to long term teaching roles London schools. Here are some testimonials we have received from our Australian teachers who have made the move to teach in London!

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November 2017

Protocol Education have proven to be an exceptional teaching agency to work for. I have worked both long term contract and supply with this agency. Working with Charlie to secure employment within Harrow and Brent has been fantastic. He takes the time to align me with schools that fit my experience and preferences perfectly, ensuring that both the school and myself are satisfied with the arrangements made. His prompt response to any questions or concerns is highly valued. l recommend Charlie and the team at Protocol for any teacher looking for supply or full time work.

Mark - Australia


November 2017

“Protocol has been an awesome opportunity for me to experience working in schools in London. The consultants have been brilliant about finding work that suits me and what I want to do, especially Antonio who is a much welcomed voice on the phone (aka he is a great guy that gives me work!). By Protocol doing their part, I can do mine without worry. I definitely enjoy working in Northwest London, the diversity is awesome and I have been a great range of schools and nurseries, private and public. Every place I have been has been very friendly and welcoming, and I feel that I can establish myself as a reliable and competent agency worker within this area."

Madison - Australia

November 2017

I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the North West area of Harrow. As a supply teacher, I have been sent to many schools; all of which have pleasantly surprised me. The staff have been supportive and friendly and the students’ behaviour has been outstanding; some schools better than home! I believe the further out of central London you are – the better the behaviour. Antonio has been my consultant during my time in London. Although the relationships with consultants are somewhat professional, Antonio is laid back, friendly, easy to talk to and always keeps his word. What I love most about Protocol is the communication. They always touch basis about my school experiences and work hard to accommodate to my future goals and plans.

Eliza - Australia


November 2017

I'm Shiran from Brisbane. I've working working with Antonio and Glenn for Protocol since January 2017. Working for Protocol has allowed me to gain experience teaching in another country while also getting the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and make life long memories.

If you do decide to come teach in London I strongly encourage you to move to Harrow in the North West of London. There is always work available and the schools are extremely welcoming. You are also only a 12minute train ride from all the fun of Central London.

Working in Harrow will give you the opportunity to work with Antonio and Glenn who have been extremely accommodating in finding me endless work but also allowing me the flexibility to take time off to travel.

Shiran - Australia

October 2017

As a Primary School teacher for Protocol Education I can honestly say that I have been very fortunate coming over to work for them. I was a bit nervous and scared about going into supply work for first time since leaving full-time teaching in Australia but thankfully I was put into the trust of the right people who were able to get me regularly and consistent days on the job, the roles and schools I wanted to be involved in and work with me.

Before I started in was in regular contact with Glen and Antonio who from the beginning asked me what I wanted to find working in London. I came over to achieve an experience where I could work in a multicultural area so that I could further my training in teaching ELA students and obtain consistent days’ supply work. I moved into the Harrow/ Brent borough to live and work as it was an affordable area to live, easy to get into and out of central London and it also included a range of school for myself to work across weekly. As I moved around London, the closer I found to central London it was either far too expensive, harder to make new friends and so busy. Peak Hour is a nightmare! I always found myself moving closer to where my schools were to afford weekly travel and establish friendships with the people I worked with and others teachers in the area.

Glenn and Antonio would stay in touch regularly and were always there to listen to my needs as well. They helped me get schools close to where I lived and when a school came up that was further away or not quite what I wanted they would never pressure me into taking these days if I didn’t want to. When it came time for me to take on long term positions, the Protocol team at Harrow helped me find roles that were suited to my abilities (intervention teacher, PPA, teaching Aid, etc) and get interviews at schools before accepting positions.

Kate from Protocol helped me get my current job as a Year 4 teacher in Brent and prior to even consider trialling for the job, she had already informed the school about my pre booked trips I had already planned. Not only did I get accepted as the new class teacher but I was also able to enjoy my trip to Germany mid-term. Like I said, The Protocol team at Harrow work WITH YOU and help you make your time enjoyable, worthwhile and work around what you are looking for.

Elliott - Australia


October 2017

Towards the end of teachers college, I attended a job fair at school and met representatives from Protocol Education. They provided me with all the information I needed and clearly explained the process of teaching in the UK. They assisted me before I moved to England and kept me up to date on deadlines for documentation. Once I arrived in London, I met with Protocol consultants and they helped me with getting a bank account, a phone plan, informing me about social and professional events, and explained the supply teaching process. I started as a supply teacher as was always well informed by Protocol consultants about each school and my expectations for the day. The consultants, particularly Lucinda who I had a lot of contact with, we're great at following up with how my day went and placed me in schools close by. Lucinda informed me of a permanent opportunity at a school she knew I liked that was close by and I had an amazing experience working there for the rest of the school year. Protocol provided me with lots of work, made receiving my weekly paycheques easy, and frequently contacted me with many employment opportunities which was always appreciated. I had a great time working with Protocol, and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a positive and memorable teaching experience in the UK.

Lindsay - Canada


October 2017

My experience with Protocol has been nothing but POSITIVE! Since moving to North-West London in January I have been supply teaching in and around the Brent area and loving it! The schools protocol send me to are lovely and I have not missed a days work (unless I've been to lazy to go) since I started with them! And the consultants, what can I say other than to expect to make some friends! They are all fantastic and go out of their way to make sure you are happy and find work that suits you, not them (Like so many other agencies)! I can not speak more highly of Kate and the Protocol Team. They truly are the best in the business!

Charlie, Perth, Western Australia


October 2017

Since arriving in Wembley, North West London in April this year, Kate has made my transition to teaching in the UK easy and stress free. Kate made contact with me a few weeks leading up to leaving Australia and was very informative, answering the endless questions I had about the Brent area in regards to the schools I could be working in, transport options and provided helpful curriculum resources. I signed up for the GWA throughout the summer term which was fantastic. I gained work every day and was often booked well in advance. Kate made sure I gained experience working in a range of schools and year levels which was exactly what I wanted. All schools had exceptional student behaviour, friendly and helpful staff and were no more than 25 minutes away using public transport. Kate and the team in the Brent office have absolutely helped make my first term teaching in the UK an amazing experience!

Sara, South Australia


October 2017

My name is Vanner and I am a 23yr old living the dream! I graduated from university from Auckland, and made the move to London. Moving to another country was scary but the Protocol team helped a lot and made it a breeze. I am located in Brent and working with the North West London branch. I am on daily supply as for I want the flexibility to be able to travel. I was worried about not getting enough work, but I was wrong I am located in a perfect area with plenty of schools. The North West team are friendly, kind, supportive and understanding on what I want, and never pressure me outside of my comfort zone. Kate my consultant is awesome she is bubbly and friendly, and it is so easy to talk to her, she is always calling up to check on me to see how I am going, and I think that having that relationship with the consultant is really important, she knows what I want and takes care of me. If you are planning to make the move to London, Brent is a perfect area. 

Vanner, New Zealand


October 2017

I have worked in a number of schools in Brent and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I would highly recommend the area to anyone thinking of teaching in North West London. Kate and Antonio have been fantastic consultants and always ensure that I am happy with the work I am getting.

Jaymin, New Zealand

October 2017

Living in North-West London is amazing! My husband and I lived in Willesden Green and Neasden, shops are open 24 hours, the public transport is amazing and there are plenty of green spaces near by. Working with Kate meant that we had a friend to talk to as well as help us find work. In my two years teaching in London, I rarely had no work when I wanted to work, less then five days I would say. Every one on the team is helpful and willing to help and support you in any way, it isn’t just your main consultant that looks after you.

Jacqueline, Australia


Nick, a Secondary PE teacher from Melbourne, living and working in East London

June 2017

What made you decide to teach in England?

My motivation for leaving Australia was being able to get out and see the world
before I eventually got a full-time job and settled down at home. England was the
perfect choice for me because the education system is similar, and Europe is so
close to be able to travel at the frequent holidays and half term breaks.

Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

I first heard about Protocol at a university lecture a couple of years ago. So when going through the process of organising my move I checked out a few different ones and Protocol seemed like the best. I from everything I have experienced and heard from people with different agencies, they definitely are.

How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

Registering with Protocol in Australia was so easy. Yes there was a fair bit of documentation to be organised, but everything was always clearly mapped out and easy to understand. Moving your life to the other side of the world is much easier when you have the sort of assistance Sam gave me before I left Australia.

What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Australia?

Unfortunately, it seems to be a large cultural issue in English schools where supply teachers are not as well respected by students as their regular teachers. Not every class is awful and you do get some great ones and get to work with some really nice kids, but you need to be prepared for a certain amount of disrespect from time to time.
With that being said, the schools I have had experience in have not even come close to some of the horror stories you hear from others with different agencies. Protocol has relationships with some of the best schools around and are extremely supportive which make life much easier.

Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?

  • Closeness to Europe for travelling and experiencing new things
  • Meeting new people in schools, through the agency, and while travelling
  • The challenge of living and trying to make my own way in a different country

Any travels tips or advice to teachers planning to making the move?

Book things well in advance, GoEuro is the handiest website ever made, and you can save a lot of money if you’re happy to rough an overnight bus; it’s your transport to another country and accommodation for a night in one go.


Here’s some great feedback from Laura, Primary teacher from WA who is loving living and working in East London during the week and then heading off for long weekends in Europe!

June 2017

What made you decide to teach in England?

I have always wanted to live and work overseas. When I was completing my Graduate Diploma of Education, I noticed that teaching agencies were advertising for Australian teachers to come to England and there was a large teaching shortage. So I thought, why not? It would be a great experience and something to look forward to after a hard year at university!

Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

When I first began looking at teaching agencies, I was a bit overwhelmed as there were so many! My friend's partner was teaching with Protocol Education at the time and was happy with them, so I decided to give Protocol a go.

How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

Very easy. There was quite a bit of paperwork to do, but Sam Swain was super helpful and organised most of it for me! Basically anything Protocol could do for you they would.

What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Australia?

I came to England straight out of university, so the only teaching experience I had in Australia was on my university practicums. However, the biggest difference I have noticed is the amount of planning in England. Teachers who teach the same year level in the school teach the same thing each day, and they plan together. I think teachers in Australia have more freedom in what they decide to plan and teach. I am just doing supply teaching, and I think that is easier in England because of the amount of planning teachers do here. I have never been left with nothing and the other year level teacher (parallel teacher) always knows what is going on in the class you are covering. There is also almost always a Teacher's Assistant in each class. They are so helpful as they know the procedures of the class and how the students are expected to behave.
Another thing I have noticed in England is that schools have a whole school behaviour management plan. I know some schools have this in Australia too, but there are lots that just have a classroom behaviour management plan.

Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England.

  • It is so central to everything! It's so easy to travel to Europe, even for just a long weekend!
  • London is so fun! There is always so much going on. Markets, pubs, rooftop bars, parks, tourist attractions... always something new to see
  • The people are really friendly. I was surprised that Londoners would be so friendly. I just assumed big city people were rude! They are really friendly though!

Any travel tips or advice to teachers planning on making the move?

Just do it! I was unsure if I would like it, but my worst case scenario was that I didn't enjoy it here, in which case I would just do a bit of travelling then return to Australia. If you know people in the UK that also makes the move a lot easier. I knew a lot of people from Australia who had moved to London, then you meet their friends, and it makes being away from home easier.
Also make sure you travel as much as you can! While you're in the UK you're so close to everything. Once you get back to Australia, it's a long trip back to Europe!


Sophie, a Primary teacher who lived in North London (and loved it!)

March 2017

• What made you decide to teach in England?

I wanted to experience something new. For me it wasn’t so much about the work to be honest I just wanted to travel but I suppose if I think about it knowing that I would have the security of teaching to make money in order to travel was one of the factors that led me to coming.  Teaching overseas is got to be character building and is always good to get out of comfort zone.

• Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about being in the UK?

  1. The opportunity to travel
  2. There is so much to do – pubs/events/concerts
  3. That there is a lot more opportunity for work


• What are the biggest differences between your schools back home and the ones here?

In my experience the schools can be quite a bit smaller – they are all quite big over here (large class sizes). As we have less people children we don’t have the same amount of support in schools – so hardly any TA’S - which means the teacher don’t have that support they have over here. Also the level of cultural differences between London and home is huge!


• Do you have any tips or advice to teachers planning to make the move?

Definitely join Protocol lol. Getting registered with an agency before you come over is a really good move because it means everything is sorted out for when you get here and can help with explaining how it all work, give advice on finding a flat ect, bak account, cell phone plans ect . (This was a nightmare for us as we didn’t organise before we came)
Also teachers are not always aware that there is a lot of work for teachers over here, so maybe not worrying about getting work.


• Why did you settle on the area you’re currently working/living in?

We just ended up in North London as my boyfriends brother lives there – we like the area and its easy to get around. Also I have built a good relationship with the north London consultants so want to stay working in that area.

An email from Charlie, a Primary teacher from Western Australia, explaining how quickly she has settled into London life and how schools really have exceeded her expectations!

Feb 2017

Hi Sam,

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how everything is all going and to also thank you for all your amazing work to ensure I was able to teach ASAP.

I have been working everyday since my passport arrived and I couldn't have asked for thing to be any easier. You and the team at Protocol made the experience of moving to a brand new country (over 14000 kms away from home) a very easy and might I add stress free experience.  The schools I have attended so far have been nice and close to home and very easy to find, which is great when everything is so new. But best of all they have been lovely schools with great classes and friendly staff (some of the best behaved I have ever taught). Raising well beyond my expectations.

I just want to give you a massive thank you for all the before departure planning you did. Without you I don't think I would have been out and working so quickly so thank you very much your work is very appreciated.

Kind Regards,
The Aussie teacher finding her feet fast in London



 Alana & Rory, 2 new grads from the University of Newcastle who are loving their 1 bed flat in Shepherds Bush!

Feb 2017

• What made you decide to teach in England?

Primarily, I decided to teach in England, (and also I’m sure the same for every other overseas trained teacher), for the amazing travel opportunities and for the simple fact that London is one of the most amazing cities in the world. It has been an enormous personal ambition of mine to work and travel overseas, to which England provides some of the best opportunities to achieve this. Fortunately, my partner and I both shared these aspirations and also have the same teaching qualifications. This made the decision extremely simple for us- move to London! The school year is also very convenient for our lifestyle, every six weeks you receive one-week holidays, Christmas and Easter you receive two weeks each and generally have roughly six weeks holidays throughout July and August. These holidays allow us to travel regularly and experience everything England and the surrounding countries have to offer. This past half term break we visited, Tower of London, London Bridge, Westminster (Big Ben/London Eye), Portobello Road (think coloured buildings!), Camden Markets (Most amazing culinary experience of my life), Stonehenge, the city of Bath, the British Museum and Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park.

• Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

I chose Protocol as my agency because they seemed the most authentic and genuine. I joined numerous online Facebook groups for Teachers in London/England and obsessively read through the FAQ section. From this and asking questions, I compiled an extensive list of questions (about 15) and emailed them through to numerous agencies. Subsequently, I received responses from numerous agencies and my partner and I ultimately decided on Protocol. The ability to have Guaranteed Work, a competitive wage, flexibility, being paid through PAYE (rather than an Umbrella) and honest staff were the major winners for me.

• How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

The process of registering with Protocol while still in Australia and still at University was exceptionally easy and straightforward. I had a phone interview with Mitch, (a senior consultant in Australia) and was basically emailed a checklist of documents and things that needed to be completed to both register with Protocol and apply for my visa. Also, the fact that Mitch is available virtually 24/7 (and even while we are in London) to answer our endless questions, made us both comfortable in communication and set our minds at ease that we chose the right agency for us.

• What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Australia?

Personally, I feel that the school system: curriculum-wise and expectations of teachers is quite different. The various structures of lessons are very organised and usually there are ready-made lessons available to be taught. I’ve also found the daylight/sunset times to be a huge adjustment but am slowly adapting. I have also found that the students are exponentially more respectful of teachers. In Australia, I feel that students have a laid-back attitude and sometimes lack of respect (I sound 80!). The opposite could not be more true and I have had enormous support from schools when dealing with those few and rare challenging behaviours.

• Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?

Three things I enjoy about living in London would have to be the accessibility, culture and food. Public transport is amazing compared to Australia, which allows you to avoid the expense of a car. Also, being able to fly or train somewhere in a few hours and being in a totally different country. London is extremely culturally diverse. We walked along the Thames on a Sunday and saw these amazing Jamaican acrobatic performers. The area where we live has so many different nationalities and we really enjoy the interaction and new experiences. THE FOOD! OH THE FOOD! Camden Markets and Brick Lane, go there on a Sunday and fast for approximately three days beforehand to make the most out of life.

• Any travels tips or advice to teachers planning to making the move?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be critical. The amount of pushy agencies who looked at us and saw a couple of dollar signs is ridiculous. Research, join social media pages, talk to people who have made the move and make a list of questions! The list sounds silly, but out of emailing about fifteen agencies, only three responded with actual answers instead of “Hey, what’s your number and we can chat on the phone?.” You don’t have time to be on the phone and be pulled into their spiel. You should feel comfortable with your agency and know that they will support you and have your back.


Camilla, an experienced Secondary teacher who worked with Mitch in the Sydney office

Jan 2017

First things first; this is an unsolicited referral. After reading the recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald I felt compelled to contact Mitch at Protocol and let him know that this definitely wasn't reflective of my experience, and from meeting with other teachers it isn't reflective of theirs either.

I have been teaching for over 10 years as a classroom teacher, Head of Department and School Principal. Once I had made the decision that I was going to teach in the UK, several things slotted into place quite easily.  The first thing was choosing the right agent to promote me.  I chatted via email and phone to five big players in the UK/Australian/NZ teacher recruitment game and Protocol was a clear winner for me.

I dealt with Mitch here in Australia, and Katie in London.  I had an area in mind, in London. and that was how Katie became my UK go to person.

With my experience of teaching here in Australia and over in the UK here is my advice:

My first piece of  advice includes this:  look at the map of the UK and chose where you want to live.  To do that, you need to think about accommodation and why you are going to the UK.  Is it to travel to Europe?  If so, think about airports ( cheap routes to Europe)  I chose Watford because it was cheaper to live there, lots of school choices, still on the London Underground and with overground train choices.
I am an experienced teacher and this does perhaps make things a bit easier.  I told Katie and Mitch what my bottom line was, daily, and they met that, and for my last appointment exceeded it.  What they made on top, their commission?  I haven’t a clue!  Protocol is a business, and if it doesn’t make a profit it cannot trade.  I was happy with my daily rate. 

Second piece of advice: Pay - think about what you need to earn, add on 10% for a contingency – if you can not achieve that, don’t go. DO NOT get involved with umbrella companies, limited companies etc.  Pay your tax like anyone else because if you start getting involved with things that sound like a scam, don't complain if you are scammed.

Third point:  be realistic.  Teaching is not a 9-3pm job.  It’s 8 – 4, or 9-5, here there, or anywhere. Workloads are high and stress is too. But that's teaching.

Fourth point: - If you have a problem tell Protocol.  Not everything was perfect for me. The first job which held out a lot of promise was more me wearing rose tinted glassed than reality!  Katie when I updated her, had me moved within a day, and,  into a school that was a joy. I would go back to that  school  in a heartbeat if stars aligned.

Fifth point: if you are a newly qualified teacher, you are learning your craft.  To do that you need to be in a school which will provide you with support.  So ask and have in writing what support you will get.  If you are an experienced teacher like myself, sort out before you walk through the door as to what you are prepared to do. Don't assume anything.

In regards to work what are your choices?
Day to day – called supply in the UK – it’s often like baby sitting.  You walk in, everything is ready for you, and your teaching is next to nil. 
Temporary roles you will be expected to mark, but programs and resources are made available. Parent contact & extra duties of any sort aren't expected but it may be handy to put your name forward. Whilst it may not lead to extra pay it does make a very good impression on the school and can open doors for you..

Is it worth it?  Damn skippy it is.  You can step out of a class on a Friday afternoon and be in Paris by 8pm.  Or fly to Spain or $30. Or spend your weekends exploring all the UK has to offer, and a lot of it is free to do.  But choose your agent with care. My advice?  Use Protocol - it's as simple as that.



Elliot, a Primary teacher from the University of Notre Dame who traded Maroubra Beach for North London

May 2016


● What made you decide to teach in England?

Originally when I started teaching I never thought I would ever teach in London. I spent two years straight out of University as a full time teacher in a stage 2 class. I always planned on teaching somewhere out of Sydney either in a rural community or out of state. I guess it was all about timing for me. I had an unfortunate sporting injury last year, which put me out of work for 6 weeks. It was during this time I thought about my options for the following year as I had plans to either change schools, become a part time casual teacher or even take time off and go travel before making a decision. I had a look at different options and did lots of research. I then remembered I had some friends from Uni that went and taught over in England so I decided to get in touch with them and ask about their experiences and how they found it. All responses were extremely positive so I decided to get in touch with a few agencies.  After much thought and research I decided give it a go and prepare myself for an exciting adventure. I had never been away from home long or even travelled much overseas! I wanted to go somewhere where I could use my experience as teacher to not only learn and gain all this experience but it was also an opening to get out there and see the other side of the world. I never said to myself ‘I have to do this,’ I only ever thought ‘I CAN do this.’ When we are fortunate enough to have the support and help to take on this adventure it made me realise that this was an opportunity for me to do something I never pictured myself doing and I am so glad that I’m doing it!


● Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

Protocol was an agency that visited my University and spoke to us about teaching abroad so I decided to register with them and within 2 days I received a call asking if I was interested. I told them about my situation and that due to my surgery I had this time to think it over. Mitch from Protocol came to visit me at a cafe near home and spoke to me one on one about the process and what was required. He was very open and honest about how it all works and something that made me feel more reassuring was him sharing his own experience of working abroad in England. The Protocol team made sure that all my questions were answered in depth and they were (and still are) helping me out with each step.


● How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

With the time I had off I found it pretty simple, however, when I returned back to work I had to juggle between checking things off I needed done for Protocol and being a full time teacher. It became very stressful! The Protocol team in Sydney were very understanding and while still staying in touch and teaching at the same time they helped me through it all. If I could give any advice to those who feel like registering with an Agency it’s that they are not just hear to help you getting everything ready but they are hear to listen to your best interest. I told Protocol from the start what I wanted out of this and the type of work I would like to go into when I moved over here and so far they have done just that and more!


● What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Australia?

The biggest difference I have found teaching in England is the diversity of the classroom. As I mentioned I was full time teacher at a Catholic school back home which meant I had to be responsible and cater for students who had English As a Second Language and Indigenous students. My first day of teaching in London I had class with 17 students who were ESL and 2 who spoke no English at all! It really made me realise I was in a different country when I had students who would speak to you in their natural European language. Though it was confronting and so far a challenge it’s all about the experience and learning about different cultures along the way.


● Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?

  1. One would be the amount of wonderful countries that are right on your doorstep! I spent the Easter Long Weekend in Scotland, a country that I have always wanted to visit! Even though I didn’t see the Loch Ness Monster it didn’t stop me from enjoying driving past amazing, historical Castles, looking out at snowy capped mountains surrounded by luscious green fields and enjoying warm Haggis each night for dinner! That’s only one country and I have got plenty more to look forward to.
  2. Two would be that there is always so much to do! London is an enormous city with so much going on, it’s so hard to get bored. There is such a range of things to do and see that I couldn't access or spectate back home. So far I’ve been to a few live music shows that I never would of been able to see back home. London is the place to see what you want whether it be plays, musicals, bands, sport etc you're going to find it somewhere here!
  3. Three would be that it is Cold! I have always lived in Sydney and I would spend most afternoons either running around, playing sport in the sun or going to the beach for a cool, refreshing swim after a day of work. I absolutely love and miss sunny days back home but this decision was also about getting out of my comfort zone and having experiences. Days when I get ready for work I have to make sure I have a scarf, beanie, pair of gloves and big, warm jumper ready for when I leave. I never had to do that back home and it's exciting! It’s a that part of each morning when you think for second and take in that you're so far away from home and and both living and working in another country!


● Any travels tips or advice to teachers planning to making the move?

Be flexible! As a teacher back home I was always prepared incase something didn't work or something went wrong and it was the same when I came here. I moved here with my best mate and the pair of us have encountered so many problems and hurdles along the way, whether it be finding the right place to live, travelling from school to school or not being use to the climate change. Always remember that it will all be fine and there is always someone there, either friends you make along the way or the people at Protocol providing help and support. I never wanted settling into this to be easy because then it wouldn't be fulfilling. Take on the challenge and remember that if you love teaching then it is all worth it!


Julie, a teacher from the Northern Beaches of Sydney (with a bit of wanderlust..!)

April 2016


• What made you decide to teach in England?

After finishing my degree in Sydney I worked for a year as a casual teacher. Having the chance to visit different schools, learn from different teachers and apply a wide range of knowledge and skills was wonderful; but after a while I really wanted a full-time job teaching my own class. The job market where I lived in Sydney was saturated. Finding a full-time position as a teacher with no full-time experience was beginning to seem impossible. I had read a few articles in the paper about the availability of jobs and remembered that a university lecturer recommended Protocol. When I contacted Mitchell Jones at the Australian Protocol office I was reassured about the vast amount of job opportunities in the UK. That was when I made my decision. I knew then that teaching in London would support me in becoming the best teacher I can be.

Another factor motivating me to make this move was my love for adventure. I moved a lot growing up, and that experience was an education in itself. By living in a different country you are exposed to ideas, thoughts and ways of living that may be different to what you are used to. You become more open-minded, adaptable and interested in different viewpoints. I wanted to further this education by moving to a different country again. I was also excited about the possibility of exploring other nearby countries in Europe. Just yesterday I booked a plane ticket for a trip to Italy in the summer!

• Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

Protocol Education was recommended by one of my lecturers during an informal discussion about the job market for teachers in Australia. After researching Protocol online and getting in touch with Mitchell Jones, I felt very confidant that Protocol would support me in registering as a teacher in London and finding guaranteed employment. 

• How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

Undertaking each stage of the registration process with support and guidance from Mitchell from Protocol was an absolute pleasure. Moving to the other side of the world is a big deal, and there is a lot to prepare for; but not once did I feel stressed or apprehensive. On the contrary I felt confidant in my decision, relaxed when working through my to-do list, and bursting excitement at all the options Protocol made available to me. I attribute this enjoyable registration experience to Mitch and his work ethic. After the very first conversation with Mitch I could tell that he genuinely wanted to help me find the right job and make a smooth transition to the UK. I knew I could ask any question, no matter how small the issue. Mitch was always available to communicate via phone or email. He outlined all that needed to be done very clearly, guided me though the completion of each form and document, and even helped me perfect my CV! I am very happy that I was fortunate enough to deal with a recruitment agent like Mitch and I would recommend everyone interested in teaching in the UK to register with Protocol Education.

• What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Australia?

Sydney // London
Very difficult to find full-time work // Very easy to find full-time work
Less choice about job location, year group etc. // Can afford to narrow your search criteria
Leadership roles are very competitive // More opportunity to gain leadership experience
Kindergarten // Nursery and reception
The Australian Curriculum in NSW // The National Curriculum in England
Smaller class size // Larger class size
Less paperwork // More paperwork
Better focus on social, emotional and spiritual development  // Better focus on academic development e.g. formative assessment
Lower cost of living // Much higher cost of living in London. Expect to pay a large chunk of your pay on rent (totally worth it though)


• Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?
1. All there is to see and do e.g. parks, markets, Europe
2. Rich history and culture
3. Having the opportunity to progress in my career


• Any travels tips or advice to teachers planning to make the move?

• Familiarise yourself with the different areas of London and decide where you might like to live and work. Note that inner city schools are a bit rougher than those further away from the centre. I found Movebubble was a great website for helping me understand the different areas.

• Make a to-do list for when you arrive in the UK: call to book an interview for your National Insurance Number, get proof of your address e.g. NIN letter addressed to you at your new home, decide what bank you want to join.

• Bring lots of warm clothes!

• Understand how Protocol will operate once you arrive in the UK. This part took me a little while (I started with supply/casual teaching work). Deal with one office (the one closest to you) and try to meet the agents there during your induction. You will be getting lots of calls from all over the new place. Make it clear what you are looking for e.g. how far you want to travel, the type of teaching work you want, the type of school you want to work in. When you get a call make sure the assignment ticks all of your boxes. Don’t just trust the agent if they say it is close to you. Check it. A great app to download is citymapper- I’d be lost without it. It will let you know how long it will take to get somewhere and how to get there



Lauren, a Primary teacher from Adelaide who started out working casually and has landed a block at an AMAZING school!

March 2016


• What made you decide to teach in England?

I was in need of a new challenge and the prospect to teach abroad was appealing to me. I chose England as their academic standards and teaching quality are of a high standard


• Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

I selected Protocol as my agency as I saw an advert in the paper advertising their company. I initially went along to an information session to find out further information about teaching abroad. After the session I saw Protocol was a very professional company, well organised and would be able to assist me in the transition to teaching in a different country with a different curriculum


• How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

The process of registering in Australia was made a lot easier by going through an agency. I was given clear advice, timelines and instructions from my Australian consultant which assisted in this process. There are a lot of things to consider and organise before moving abroad but I was able to gradually complete all the requirements over a period of time while I was still working back home. Sam was always just an email or phone call away which was great when I needed further clarification of something.   


• What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Australia?

I have found understanding the difference in curriculum the biggest variance since teaching in England. The marking code/system across majority of schools is different as opposed to back home however it has been great to learn a new way.

• Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?

  1. There is always so much to do and see when living in London. You can get involved in as little or as much as you wish to embrace the new lifestyle.
  2. London is very multicultural and I have loved meeting new people from all different walks of life.
  3. It is amazing having such easy and cheap access to all of Europe right at your doorstep. I have so many exciting holidays planned! 


• Any travels tips or advice to teachers planning to making the move?

Be open to new experiences, push outside of your comfort zone and get involved in as much as you can and teaching abroad in England will be one of the best decisions you have made!


Daniel, a Primary teacher from Bendigo who landed a full time job to start in April

March 2016

From making my decision to leave Australia and move to the UK, Sam and the Protocol team have been absolutely fantastic in assisting my partner and I to find employment as well as providing advice on UK living and how to find accommodation.

Prior to leaving I had already gained employment at an appropriate school in a good location within London. Additionally, from the advice given on where to find accommodation, we also arranged a place to stay prior to arriving. As a result of this assistance, both my partner's and my minds have been placed somewhat at ease, minimising the stresses associated with such a large life decision


Kayte, a teacher from regional Victoria who attended CSU and has ended up in West London (she met our London team on a Friday and was out working on Monday!)

February 2016


• Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

Whilst I was in my final year of Uni at Charles Sturt University, Thurgoona, we were given the opportunity to attend a information session held by members of the Protocol team. Straight away I was impressed, and 2 years later I contacted Protocol and planned my move to the UK.

• How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

Sam Swain from the Sydney branch was nothing short of amazing. She was so friendly, knowledgeable and went out of her way to ensure everything was sorted for me. She kept in contact regularly, so I always felt supported. Even after I had arrived in the UK, she continued to check in and ensure everything was going well.

• What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Australia?

One of the biggest differences I have found in the education system is the class sizes! London schools have quite large class sizes compared to Australia. There are also some great Literacy based programs that I have seen in some schools, which I haven’t heard of in Australia.


• Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?

1. I love the tube and the accessibility it offers, you can go anywhere in London fast and easy.
2. I love the cool places (that are basically everywhere) that you can enjoy a nice cold beer in!
3. England is so close to Europe, so I love the fact that you can get on a plane and an hour later you’re in another country.

• Any travels tips or advice to teachers planning to making the move?

My biggest teaching advice would be, to have some teaching experience before you decide to move. You’ll be surprised how often you think back to your previous job/s and apply your experience, especially little behaviour management strategies and teaching strategies. Also, in all schools I’ve been in, they mark children’s work in green pen, not red. Also, they call marking the “roll, “ marking the “register.” On my first day of supply teaching, I had no idea what they meant by “ taking the register.” 

Travel as much as you can, work hard for a while then head off travelling!


Jill, an experienced teacher from QLD, who arrived in the UK in December and is living in South West London

February 2016

I arrived in England by myself, and with no English contacts, at the end of December 2015. The Protocol staff in Brisbane had ensured everything was organised, ready to begin, and I have worked every day since school started, in January.

I attended an interview to meet my consultant, and also an induction day in London, prior to starting work. It was nice to meet other teachers in the same position as me.
I booked into an Air BnB for 10 days and was a little worried about finding suitable accommodation, being 55 years of age. However, there is a website called Spare Room which has loads and loads of rooms to let in established houses, and so   four or five inspections later, I found one that suited me.   

The Protocol staff here in Wimbledon are fabulous. My work is usually mapped out a week in advance. I have only had one day when I haven’t had work planned, and had to wait for that 7am phone call. It is easy navigating my way to school each day, thanks to Google, and the public transport system is excellent.

The schools are nice. I have found my Australian experience a really easy fit -the curriculum is so similar. The only lesson I have struggled with has been teaching English history. In general, I find the students very well behaved. The biggest difference from Australian schools is the amount of security in schools. Parents and students ae locked out of the school until school begins, and then we are all locked in for the day. At home time the teacher walks the class out and each student is dismissed into the arms of a carer (even year 6). The other big difference, for me, was getting used to walking home in pitch black darkness at 4.30pm in the afternoon, but that is improving week by week!

I am also in touch with the International team at Protocol, in London, in a bid to secure a position in the United Arab Emirates from September. My smooth transition into British schools has given me the confidence to challenge myself further to teach in a culturally different country. 

If you are thinking of working and travelling I say DO IT! How many other jobs allow you to access work from wherever YOU choose to base yourself.  There is plenty of work, and everyone treats you with respect. I would not change a thing.


Leigh, a teacher who just graduated from CSU Bathurst, who snapped up work in London before his jet lag dropped off!

February 2016

Hey Mitchell,

The London experience is fast-paced and intense so far! Just thought I would send you a message saying how great the Protocol Education team were. They were awesome at the induction meeting and later that day got me a trial day for a four week block at a school in East London.

The trial day was successful and I will be there for the next three weeks! The school has high expectations of staff and students and it is great to be a part of!



Rachel, a new graduate teacher from the University of Notre Dame in Sydney who touched down 2 weeks ago in London

January 2016


• What made you decide to teach in England?

Teaching in England has been something I’ve dreamed of doing since before I started uni. Fresh out of uni and with nothing tying me down in Australia it seemed like the right time to go and an opportunity I couldn’t miss. I felt that teaching in England would be a good way to get out of the competitiveness of getting a job in Australia and would be a positive thing to put on my CV and possibly give me a competitive edge when I return home and start looking for a position.


• Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

Mitch came to speak about Protocol and how it works at one of my lectures at uni. I also knew of other people choosing Protocol and after speaking to them, it seemed like my best option.


• How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

Mitch made this process very straightforward, easy and stress free. If there were any queries I had regarding registration they were answered quickly and without hesitation. Everyone I have dealt with from Protocol in not only Australia but also England has been very approachable and helpful.


• What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Australia?

On a whole I have found that teaching in England is almost identical to teaching in Australia and I really haven’t come across many differences at all.
Schools in England have long lunch breaks compared to in Australia- meaning more marking and preparation can be done in that time.  There are only slight differences in curriculum with only a few subjects with different names or focuses such as differences in History. One thing that is hard to get used to is that the names we have for some things in Australia are different to that in England so a bit of self-training has to be done to get out of the Australian habits to make sure students understand what you are talking about!


• Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?

1. England has so much to discover. Even if you’ve visited before there are so many more beautiful places to visit (even in London alone) that are different to the usual touristy things.
2. England is so close to the rest of Europe meaning travelling is so easy.
3. It is so easy to get around using public transport and travelling to work doesn’t take too long.


Celia, a Primary teacher from Sydney who arrived in London in December and LOVES the work, travel and London markets!

January 2016


• What made you decide to teach in England?

I had spoken to so many people, both in teaching and in other careers, that had spent a few years in England and believed it was the best thing that they had ever done. It’s a great opportunity to spend time in a bustling international city, and it gives you a great opportunity to expand your experiences and take a step out of your comfort zone.


• Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

I started by researching a few different agencies that helped assist Australians find teaching work in the UK Protocol were the most efficient at responding to queries and getting in touch. They have a very personal approach and it always felt as if making sure you had a smooth transition into England was in their best interests.

Mitch was also very helpful in giving advice to my partner who has travelled with me following a different career path. Even though he wasn’t finding work through Protocol in the UK, Mitch was very thorough and helped him with VISA and other enquiries, which in turn made me feel more relaxed about the whole move.


• How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

A breeze! Mitch made the whole process very simple and specific and was very quick to reply to any email queries that I sent off. I always felt very confident that if I was ever to have any issues, he would be there to help me solve them straight away.


• What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Australia?

From a casual teaching perspective, classroom teachers in England tend to be a lot more prepared and organised when it comes to leaving work for a casual teacher. Programs and lesson plans are left with lots of clear instructions. All staff, including Principals have been incredibly helpful and you are very well supported as a casual teacher. There are also lots more opportunity for short term positions in England due to the split up of terms into half terms.

It is also much easier and more simple to get casual teaching work through agencies than directly through schools, as it is done in Australia. The hard work of going out and finding the teaching is already done for you, and all you need to do is follow their simple public transport steps to get there on time!


• Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?

1. The close proximity to other European countries. Whenever the English weather makes you feel down or homesick, it’s cheap and easy to book a quick flight to an exotic European city.
2.  The ease of public transport. London is a big, busy city, but the underground tube system makes it incredibly easy to explore all the different places that the city has to offer.
3. Borough Markets! There’s always something happening in London – you can walk everywhere and you’ll always stumble across something new and exciting. For me, this weekend, it was Borough Markets! The best food markets I have ever come across. Knowing that somewhere like this will now be a local spot for me to visit is very exciting.


• Any travels tips or advice to teachers planning to making the move?

Get in touch with as many friends or Aussie acquaintances as you can that have made the same move to England as you have! Having a network of people that you already know as soon as you move makes you feel far less homesick and a lot easier to make new friends. It’s a bit daunting leaving your friends and family back in Sydney, but reaching out to any familiar faces has made the transition a far lot easier. They’re also just as keen to travel and explore as you are, so it’s great to have people to get excited about school holiday adventures with!


Jo, a Primary teacher from Sydney who started her full time job in Maidenhead (just outside London) last week.

January 2016


• What made you decide to teach in England?

I have always wanted to go to England so when I first heard Mitch talking about Protocol at Notre Dame Uni I thought it sounded like a fantastic opportunity to experience life in England and further my career.


• Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

From the day that I first inquired about teaching in England I knew Protocol was the right way to go as Mitch was extremely helpful and informative.


• How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

The process was easy and stress free. It started a few months before my departure date and was set out so that all the paperwork and applications were done over time but also within a concise timeframe to ensure that everything was organised in time.  Mitch was always there to lend a helping hand and answer

Testimonials and Interviews

Testimonials and Interviews

Protocol Education is a great choice for Australian teachers looking to live and teach in the UK - we work with nearly 4000 schools across England and we are one of the largest teaching agencies in the UK. Don't just take our word for it - we have helped literally 1000's of teachers over the years to start not only teaching in London but also teaching across England too. Read some of the teaching agency reviews for Protocol Education!

Below are a few snippets from testimonials & reviews with Australian teachers. You can use the links underneath to see the full testimonials and read what they have to say about registering with Protocol Education and how we helped them start their overseas teaching experience. Enjoy!

London Testimonials

"After arriving in London the Protocol Education team has helped me find accommodation and get me consistent work. I've been offered over 10 different teaching positions and have only been in London for two weeks! Everyone in the Protocol Education office is extremely helpful and friendly." - Konrad, working in London

Read all of the London Reviews.

Outside of London Testimonials

"I would advise anyone who is thinking of making the same  journey out of their comfort zone to go through Protocol Education!" - James, a PE teacher from Sydney currently teaching in Manchester

Read all of the outside of London Reviews



If you are considering teaching in London then don't take our word for it - read the reviews above and make up your own mind!

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