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If you don't fancy working in the capital city, Protocol Education can help you! We have sixteen branches, and cover the whole of England. There are lots of opportunities in our regional branches for Aussie teachers, and here are testimonials from some who have taken those opportunities! .



Tara, a new graduate from Deakin University, is currently working at Greenways Primary (part of The Learning in Harmony Trust) in Southend, Essex. She secured the role by interviewing with a head teacher in Melbourne (and by the sounds of it, she couldn’t be happier..!)

Jan 2017

I registered online with Protocol education and talked to Samantha Swain (Victorian Consultant) about what kind of job I wanted and she guided me through the process. It was really simple, I just had to fill out a few forms and send a one minute video talking about myself and my experiences in the classroom. At first I thought I wanted to work in a small school, as I like that feeling of knowing everyone but Sam pointed out to me that I wouldn’t be offered as much support/training. Before I moved over, they sent me a SIM card and assured me they would help me set up a bank account which they did. My favourite benefit of all though has to be the special travel deals and STA flights were amazing, when I booked my flights over here.

At the Head Teacher interviews in Melbourne, I was feeling prepared as by this stage I had done a few. Well I got there and was speechless because this Principal started asking me so many questions about myself and my values! He also mentioned the fact that I would be mentored until I get accustomed to the UK curriculum and felt comfortable, which to me just blew me away. Obviously as a teacher I want to continue to grow and develop and trial new strategies. It is safe to say the friendly, talkative, genuine man I met at the interview is now currently my boss and I could not be happier.

When I was telling everyone I was about to move to England for a teaching job, they were all very negative about it and said that it was filled with lots of bad areas and hopefully I didn’t hate my job. So I stopped telling people, as it was just filled with negative stories to follow.

The school I work in is a large one, yet every time I walk down the corridor I am greeted by smiling faces saying, “You alright?” The students are lovely and full of humour. My boss did the funniest impersonation warning me that students might be in my face on the first day and say things such as, “What are you doing here? Why do you dress like that?” Much to my dismay they didn’t, as I thought that would have been hilarious, but then again I do teach 4 year olds.

At our first welcome lunch to the local pub, after talking to other staff members I immediately noticed some major differences about my job description over here- those being the fact that I don’t have to do yard duty, nor have first aid training and I don’t have to deal with any parent communication over the phone/e-mail, as that goes through the school office.
The structure of my day is totally different to back in Australia. I take the children outside 3 times a day and do daily exercise in the classroom twice a day. I also have an Outdoor learning session and am the PE teacher!

I have only been here a month, but already it feels like home and my boss really just feels like a friend!


Steph, a teacher from Melbourne, moving to lovely Bristol!

May 2016

Sam has been an amazing support from the moment I sent an enquiry email. She has answered all my questions promptly and professionally and reassured me on the smallest clarifications all the way through to helping me accurately complete my VISA application.

Sam and the team at Protocol Education have ensured that I have successfully completed all the necessary documentation months before my departure date. Having the support and professional knowledge has saved me hours and hours of research time and I now know I’m organised and ready to teach when I hop off that plane.

It’s so reassuring to know that I have the support of the Protocol Education network when I’m on the other side of the world.

Thanks again Sam!



Julie, a Primary teacher from Wagga who packed her winter coat to live in Sheffield

March 2016


What made you decide to teach in England?

My sister moved to Sheffield for work in October 2015 and encouraged me to apply for the Youth Mobility Visa so that I could work in the UK and do some travelling. To be completely honest, the idea of being able to work to fund my travels was the real motivation for teaching in England - but I don’t think I’m the first person (and doubt I’ll be the last) to admit this! I was actually seeking to have experience teaching a range of ages as well, in order to improve my teaching pedagogy.


Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

One of my friends (and housemates) from university went travelling not long after graduating. She actually began working for Protocol in the UK and when she returned home she continued to work for the agency. When I decided I would go ahead with the venture, I got in touch with her and although she had gone back into teaching, she was able to put me in contact with her former colleagues.


How did you find the process of registering in Australia?

It was all fairly straightforward. When I began the process of applying for the Visa and registering to teach in the UK I was still working full time which meant that I completed the various requirements in dribs and drabs as time permitted. Any time I had a query about the process, I was able to email or phone the Australian consultant (Mitch) and he was very prompt in answering my questions or directing me to the relevant links/sources.


What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Australia?

Class sizes - I have been fortunate to work in a class of only 15 for the past few years, and prior to that it was low 20s. In England, it seems (so far) that class sizes are bigger. Having said that, there is a full-time teacher’s aide in most classes which is incredibly helpful (especially for a supply teacher who isn’t always sure of the school’s processes and routines). There is also a major focus on assessment in the UK - not only in assessing students, but the teachers seem to have external assessors visiting more frequently than in Australia. They are very assessment-driven, and use specific “success criteria” for most tasks.

I have also found it interesting and slightly difficult to know what is acceptable grammar and spelling for the dialectal differences between Australian English and Yorkshire English! Phrases such as “I were going to supermarket” would be amended in Australia, however I presume this is ok in the Yorkshire districts as everyone speaks in this manner. It is something I still need to check though!


Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?

  1. The proximity and accessibility to other places of interest (i.e. the rest of the UK and Europe). So many places to see, and so much quicker (and cheaper!) than from Australia!
  2. The cultural differences - food, language, history… none of which you can really plan for, it just becomes apparent when you’re here.
  3. The friendliness of the people - everyone in Yorkshire calls you love, regardless of age or gender!

Any travels tips or advice to teachers planning to making the move?

Be prepared for the cold… bring a really warm jacket, gloves and scarf! :) Apart from that, be open to embracing new routines and ditching bad habits - whether that be teaching related or life in general. Coming to the UK offers the opportunity to try new things, visit amazing places and experience the odd challenge or two. I have found keeping a journal of funny situations and stories, as well as jotting down experiences, to be a handy way of documenting my journey so far. I’m sure I’ll want to remember this experience for many years to come, so my scrawly notes will hopefully assist the process.

I guess it’s also worth noting that many people in the UK have never ventured to Australia - indeed we may be the only Aussies they meet. We should try and be good ambassadors for our country! :) 



Stephanie, a new graduate teacher from the Central Coast, who is LOVING teaching in Cambridge!

February 2016


Hey Mitch!

It's taken me far too long to email you back about my first day teaching in Cambridge. Especially seeing as I've been here for a week now! So, as you may have guessed, my first day went really well. They offered me a block until Easter which I accepted. They also offered me a full time job until the end of the year which I said I would consider. It's definitely not what I expected. Especially as I was thinking that I wouldn't start working until February and here I am sitting at my desk trying to understand the English school system so I know what to teach my students. It's all been a bit hectic! But today is awesome because all the students have a long weekend and the other teachers are off on a training day which they said would be useless for me so instead I stayed here at school and have done my best to figure stuff out. Basically my biggest accomplishment today so far has been to clean off my incredibly messy desk (left messy by the last teacher) so I can actually breathe a little bit and get my head in order. But it's been good to have this free day to sort things.

Cambridge has been great though! I haven't moved into my house yet but I've got one and I've found my way around a bit. I bought a bike yesterday which is fantastic. I've just got to get fit now... But so far England has been awesome and I'm really enjoying it!

I also forgot to mention that the school I am teaching at is a really fantastic school and I've loved it so far! The other maths staff are fantastic and so kind. And the students have been great. Pretty hilarious too. They love the fact that I'm Australian so it's good bribery to get them to do their work when I can just say that we'll watch a YouTube clip about Australia or something if they do their work quickly and quietly. It's been great.

Thanks for everything you've done leading up to this point Mitch!



James, a PE teacher from Sydney who has recently arrived in Cambridge and is loving working with us!

October 2015

Moving to England has always been something on my mind but whether I would go through with it was another thing.
A friend referred me to Protocol whilst I was researching agencies to register with. Since then, I haven't looked back. Mitchell (Sydney) was extremely helpful and friendly right from the start, answered any questions or concerns that I had and this enabled my pre-departure nerves to ease more and more everyday.

The unique aspect of Protocol is their range of offers regarding work that best suits your needs and wants.

Once I had arrived in Cambridge I met all the workers in the Cambridge office (Michael, Callum, Becky and Hannah) and they too, have not been able to do enough for me! They have advised me on everything regarding life in Cambridge and additionally, I have amazing job security already and it's not even halfway through the term.

Would highly recommend Protocol to anyone, cannot thank them enough for their help and support. I am very happy.



Remember Kaitlin & Emily from Cambridge? Kaitlin has just dropped us a line to fill us in on how she's loving Cambridge!

June 2015

Hi Mitch how have you been? I hope all is well in sunny Sydney!

I am still absolutely loving Cambridge. It's a fabulous place to live. Everyone is so friendly and I've made some great friends.
I went on a trip to Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Liverpool and Manchester last half term. This half term my parents are visiting and we are currently on a trip to Oxford, the Cotswolds, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bath and Winchester.

I'm hoping to go to Denmark for a long weekend in a few weeks and to Italy, Greece and Croatia in the summer!


Dallas, one of our Victorian teachers who is up in lovely Yorkshire!

April 2015

I was extremely pleased at how clear and easy Protocol made things seem. They took the time to organise sessions and keep up contact with me before I went away overseas.

Once here in the UK, the team here was able to set up my bank account and other bureaucratic matters with no problems. They even let me use their office to receive mail until I had found a place to stay.

I was very surprised to find that I had to do very little to end up at a fantastic school where I'm really enjoying working.
I have already told my teacher friends about it!


Daniel, a Science teacher from Coffs Harbour who has just started teaching in Oxford!

March 2015

Hi Mitch!

Just wanted to write you a quick email to thank you for your help getting me over here and sorted with absolutely no fuss. I had my first day in school today and it went well! Definitely some things to get used to compared to home (and compared to being permanent too) but I'm up for the challenge.

Your help and being so easy to contact, as well as how smoothly the operation is set up on the UK side, has made the whole process so easy It hasn't needed any worry at all - it's been incredible.

So thank you very much!


Sheridan, a new graduate teacher from QLD who lives and teaches in lovely Bedfordshire!

February 2015

I had thought about teaching overseas while at uni and even put my name down for some agencies at the Careers Expo in February 2013. In May, my mum pointed out an advert in the paper about a Protocol Information Seminar and said if I was really interested in heading to the UK, it might be the best way to get some information. So I bribed my younger sister with ice cream and we learnt all about teaching in the UK.

This got the ball rolling for me. I put the UK on hold for fourteen months while I gained some teaching experience and obtained my full teachers registration and looked into the UK again in April 2014. This was when I first began speaking with Nicole in the Brisbane office. At first it was all new and exciting and to be honest, it didn’t feel very real. I had previously completed the application process and I never made it to the initial interview with the agency. But then the initial interviews took place. Then information about Visas and flights and what to pack started flooding my inbox. Then it came time for the school interviews. Due to my arrival date being the end of January it made finding a full time position hard. But the wonderful Protocol team, both Nicole and the UK-based team found so many interviews for me things started feeling real.

I was looking at daily supply when I finished work in mid-December until that very same evening, I had a phone interview with a school in Luton, Bedfordshire and within a couple of hours, the position was offered to me. It was rush rush from then on! I was holidaying in the US until 10 days before I planned to leave Australia.

As you could imagine, I was in major panic mode! But every time I had a concern, Nicole was there to help ease the worry. Despite my stress and panic, it was truly the easiest and smoothest international transition you could ever imagine! Protocol helped me move half way across the world and made it easy! If I had friends looking at the same experience, I would recommend no one else but Protocol!


Kaitlin & Emily, two new graduates from the University of Canberra, living in Cambridge and teaching with Protocol Education

January 2015

 About 18 months ago, I decided I wanted to move to England and teach once I had graudated from uni. A friend of mine felt the same way and so we did some research into how to make that happen. We read about Protocol Education and went along to a meeting run by Mitch in our home town of Canberra. We decided there and then that Protocol sounded like a fantastic organisation and one that we wanted to be a part of.

Over the last year, we have been in regular contact with Mitch who conducted a phone interview with us, helped us fill out paperwork, gave us advice on how to apply for police checks and working visas and has generally been the person to go to when we needed help with our plans.

Mitch taught in Cambridge a few years ago and told us of his wonderful experience there. We decided that Cambridge - only a 45 minute train ride from London - was the perfect location for us. When we arrived here six weeks ago, we knew we had made the right decision. Cambridge is amazing; the scenery is picturesque, the people are friendly, the public transport is excellent and the activities on offer are diverse.

Our induction meeting with Michael and Calum at the Cambridge Protocol office ran smoothly and both have been very helpful in settling us in to our first week of work. We are now both working five days a week until half term in a school a 30 minute bus ride away from Cambridge.

The staff at Protocol Education have been nothing less than professional, friendly, helpful and kind. My friend and I have had an interesting experience so far and are looking forward to the many more experiences that this job - and country - will offer us in 2015! 


Merinda, who finished her degree at the University of Wollongong in 2013, is absolutely loving living and teaching in Cambridge

November 2014

Protocol Education has been so supportive throughout my journey to the United Kingdom. The consultant that organised my visit (Mitch) was always informative, understanding and attentive to my needs. I never hesitated to ask for more information or help as he was so friendly and helpful!

I moved to the UK by myself and therefore really appreciated the extra support that the company gave me, both before my departure and during my time here. They assisted me in setting up my UK phone number, bank account and even told me where I should look for accommodation.

I began by doing supply work (casual) in Cambridge with the agency and before long I was getting five days of work each week. The staff were fantastic, always making sure that I knew how to get to each assigned job and checking in at the end of the day to make sure I had enjoyed it.

The staff at Protocol Education in the UK were always trying their best to fulfil my dream of having my own classroom. I had been teaching in the UK for about five weeks when I was offered a full time position with my very own classroom. It’s been an absolute dream come true all thanks to the staff at Protocol Education, both in the UK and Australia.


Emily from Toowoomba who is living in Manchester

November 2014

Teaching in England always seemed a 'distant dream'. I registered my interest upon completing uni, however didn't actually decide to take the plunge for a further 18 months. During that time I received emails from Protocol, and had told the Australian consultants that I would be in touch when I was ready. Six months prior to leaving, I made contact with Nicole, and after in depth conversations she sent me all of the forms needed to register my interest. The paperwork appeared to be very overwhelming at first however, words can not describe how extremely helpful Nicole was throughout the entire process. If there was ever a question that I had, I could call or email and have a response almost straight away! She assisted with information for finding accommodation, visas, DBS and police checks. Before leaving, she sent me an information pack with a UK phone sim and protocol Branch information alongside other things. Her personal experiences were invaluable. And I really felt at ease with such a huge move.

Upon arriving in England, I actually had a change of mind in where I wanted to base myself. Once again, after contacting Nicole this was easily changed. She arranged my induction with the Manchester branch and made herself available should I required further help. The girls in the Manchester branch at the induction were fantastic. They helped with setting up a bank account, National insurance number, health care & public transport information.

Whilst I had thought that I would complete daily supply with Protocol I have now gone into a long term role. The consultant that I have is wonderful. She regularly touches base with me, and is always available should I have a question. Being able to have such a personal work relationship really makes working through Protocol enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to people thinking of embarking on a new experience, for I am thoroughly enjoying mine.


James, who has just arrived for some casual teaching in the UK and is working with our Manchester branch

October 2014

"I first found out about Protocol Education through their consultant Mitch when he came to the Australian Catholic University to give a presentation and offer teaching jobs in the UK. As this was something I'd always dreamed of doing but never really had the confidence to make the journey myself, I found it very convenient! After I had expressed my interest at working as a secondary school teacher in the UK I was in constant email and phone contact with Mitch. The process involved a bit of paperwork, but Mitch and the team were always there if I needed them or had any questions. Also, when deadlines came around like, it's time for you to apply for your visa, Mitch was always there to provide a friendly reminder and help with every application process.

When I arrived in Manchester I was very nervous for my Induction interview, but as soon as I entered the room I was made to feel very comfortable and at home. Setting up bank accounts and finding a place to live were the biggest stresses for me in making the transition to another country however Protocol Education gave me references that made setting up a bank account and being able to secure a residence a breeze. After I was cleared to work I only had to wait 2 days until I was offered a position at a school in Manchester. I am now currently starting my fourth week there! I was nervous to be starting a new job in a new country, but the team has done everything they can to assist me in the transition. After a few days of days of getting to know the different terminology they use here for some things I've really got the hang of it and am enjoying greatly physical education in the UK being 100% PRACTICAL!! Also, there is not much need to worry about being financially stable as you are paid well and the cost of living is very affordable.

I would advise anyone who is thinking of making the same  journey out of their comfort zone to go through Protocol Education!"


David who has spent the past 8 months teaching in Hertfordshire.

August 2014

"I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how my past 8 months at Monksmead School went. To sum it up in one word... amazing!

Thanks so much for organising everything for me there. It was the most rewarding time in my teaching career thus far and I've learnt a whole lot. I had an extremely difficult class with many behavioural/learning disorders, but I observed lots of academic/social development across the board during my time there.

I honestly didn't want to leave the school and they had asked me to stay on in a permanent capacity. However, I had already accepted another job at an international school in Bahrain.

Thanks so much again for all of your help. You certainly made the transition of teaching in another country as easy as possible and you were extremely helpful/informative.

I'll certainly recommend Protocol Education to any friends or colleagues that are looking to embark on a similar adventure to mine.

Amy from Australia, who is teaching in St Albans

January 2014

"When I decided I was going to uproot myself and move to London, I didn't really know where to start - so I googled Protocol Education (from a referral from a friend) and the ball was rolling. Mitch from the Sydney office was amazingly helpful in everything! Even though we had never met, we were able to set everything up over the phone or internet and complete all paperwork the same way.

Mitch was even helpful enough to send me links to resources, curriculum documents and anything else I may have found useful (such as tube maps etc) whenever I asked for them. He made the process quite easy and everything just fell into place.

Upon arrival I met with Nicole in the main London office to finalise all paperwork, talked to Ed (my consultant in the Watford area) and within a week I had a long term placement lined up in a school 10 minutes from home.

Very grateful for the help Protocol Education have been in setting me up with work after moving across the other side of the country. Definitely will recommend to any one thinking of doing it! I think it's safe to say that this was one of the easiest transitions made for working overseas!! Also - the social events are an awesome way to meet new people... found heaps of new friends there who are all extremely happy with how things have turned out.

Thanks team!"

Nicholas from Australia, who is teaching in Manchester

January 2014

Lets think about this.. new country, new people, tons of paperwork and your on your own. Stressful? No not at all, with the help of the Protocol Education team I was able to have a smooth transition into the UK. Having Mitch from Sydney by my side throughout this process was great! Not at all did I feel stressed or worried about what I was getting myself into. Mitch and the Protocol Education team have a step by step process in which you just fill out the required paperwork and they do all the rest for you LITERALLY!. The communication between Mitch and I was ongoing and he was able to guide me through any information I was unsure about. Phone calls, emails he was always there!

Protocol Education also supplied myself with an information pack which contained loads of information - most importantly for me was accommodation sites. I ended up using UK Easy Roommate and was able to get instant offers of places to stay. From this I found a place in Manchester where I am currently living and have been for the last two weeks.

Since arriving into Manchester I was able to start the ground running with the ever-helpful Manchester team and Katy, my consultant. Any queries about transport, bank accounts, insurance or just knowledge about the different schools they had it all there for me! I have been to three different schools with the perception (from Australia) that Manchester is a 'tough' area to work in as a teacher. To tell you the truth, I have loved it so far! Having the opportunity to push yourself will only make you a better all round teacher in the long run.

I would definitely recommend Protocol Education to all of my close friends and family. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore your teaching career and become the teacher you want to be. I thank all the Protocol team who have helped me along the way. I look forward to the rest of my two years here in the UK knowing I have the support of Protocol Education right behind me!

If your a teacher out there and want to experience the UK, DO IT and do it with Protocol Education.

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Bessie and Rob from Victoria, Teachers in Bristol

September 2013

We decided to join Protocol Education after being recommended to the company by a friend and we were both very impressed with how helpful, professional and friendly everyone was in both Australia and England. We arrived in Bristol, England eager to start working, had our induction and started work right away. There was plenty of work there and only one day when we didn't have work. We found the Bristol team very approachable and we found we could talk openly with them about schools and our experiences. Overall we had a really great experience with Protocol Education and a challenging, yet rewarding time teaching in Bristol. We loved the city and its diversity and hope to return one day! 

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Primary Teacher Rebecca in Oxford

March 2013

My partner and I first met Mitch from Protocol Education at a university career day. He was super helpful and motivated us into teaching in the UK. He stayed in regular contact and assisted us in everything we needed to do before we left Australia. He also advised us on where we should teach and what we might expect living in the UK.

The London office were great in getting us started with everything we needed. It made the transition really easy as they set up our bank accounts, National Insurance Numbers and everything else we needed. They even stayed in contact with us while we were holidaying through Europe.
We ended up living and working in Oxford. I can't speak highly enough about Katie and Sarah, they were great at getting us work, they always rang to check how we were going and made it easy to be honest about any experience we had. I even rang them when we were moving house for advice on which suburb they liked better.
I would recommend living somewhere like Oxford to anyone who isn't sure about London, it is the most beautiful place and you never get sick of riding your bike through the university buildings. The schools there are really welcoming to Australian teachers. It was very sad to leave.
I'm looking forward to applying for more teaching positions with Protocol Education in other areas of the world!
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Secondary Teacher Bradley in Oxford

February 2013

Protocol Education offered a first rate service for organising everything I needed to get to London and begin a new chapter in my teaching career. I have been positioned at a very good school with great supporting staff.

I was particularly impressed with the personalised handling of my move here to the U.K, with lots of email and phone contact which covered all bases, allowing me to get here and concentrate on my teaching. I highly recommend the U.K for anyone considering a new direction. 

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Primary Teacher  Brie in Leeds

December 2012

When registering with Protocol Education I found my consultant, Mitch, organised, overly efficient and able to help me at any time with any little or large problem I had. He had everything ready to go the second I registered and really helped my transition overseas go smoothly and  without stress  - so I was able to begin work the day I arrived.

As soon as I arrived, the team in my new country were just as helpful  - making the connection my consultants have with each other very clear. I would recommend Protocol Education to anyone wanting to teach abroad. It was seemless and as stress free as possible. Thank you!

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Primary Teacher Ariella in Oxford

February 2013

I have nothing but praise for the staff of Protocol Education: they were helpful, supportive and organized. Travelling to teach in a new country is a nerve-wracking experience but they all did their best to smooth over the transition. I was sent regular, informative emails and I attended a face-to-face information session where Mitch was happy to answer all my questions.

After I began the sign-up process I received considerable help with filling out my paperwork and putting together a CV that will appeal to UK schools. They even sent me a UK SIM card!

It was such a relief to be able to get this all sorted out before leaving Australia. Once in England I visited a Protocol Education office (where they set up a bank account and National Insurance number for me) and then was sent out to teach the next day. Thank you!

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Primary Teacher Erin in Cambridge

October 2012

I decided to settle in Cambridge before I flew over, with the help and support of the Protocol Education consultant in Melbourne, Rowan. It was so helpful and reassuring having somebody to talk to face-to-face, call, or email - especially without having to think about the time difference. He helped me apply for to right visa, set up an interview with the Cambridge branch for when I arrived, police checks, UK teaching registration, sim cards, what to expect, where to look for houses and even what I needed to pack!

Arriving in Cambridge in the middle of winter from the Australian summer was definitely a ‘shock to the system.’ However the minute I walked into the Protocol Education branch in Cambridge I felt like I had a new family.

A few leaving tips for current or future teachers would be to know that you are not going to be by yourself. The agency is always happy to have a chat or help you out with work or anything you need support with. It takes a while to get a reputation with schools at the start but if you are prepared to work, schools will ask for you back time and time again. Use your holidays to travel so you have things to look forward to, meet new people and get a change of scenery. As much as you think about home, your family, and maybe what your missing out on, everything will still be there when you go back.

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Secondary Teacher Lindall about Hertfordshire

"My family of mum, dad and three kids have been in England for 4 1/2 months now and have taken every opportunity to travel. Two weeks after our arrival we travelled to Brighton and were lucky enough to make friends with a married couple we met in a pub. They own a villa on the south coast of Spain which they let us use during the February half-term break!

We’ve also had weekends away to York and Telford. We just spent another weekend in Brighton, staying with our friends. Over the Easter holidays we went on a nine day road trip around Ireland and Northern Ireland. The weather was fabulous and our walk to Giant’s Causeway was our favourite. For any Aussies familiar with the car game ‘spotto’, in the absence of windmills, we used castles and church ruins to win points.

Our summer holiday will be a road trip around Europe...

My advice for teachers new to England:

Tip 1 - Join a sports club – I have been welcomed with open arms by my hockey team (scoring a few goals probably helped) and have been invited for drinks, BBQs and a weekend away since hockey season finished.

Tip 2 – If you’re in a secondary school, make friends with the PE department. If there’s a staff social get-together, chances are they’re organising it.

If you are bringing children with you, I strongly recommend speaking to the local authority responsible for school admissions. Enrolling our children in school was actually the most difficult and stressful aspect of our move to England. Find out what documentation is required and supply it to them ASAP. Make sure you know how applications are processed and how long it will take. See the UK Government Website here.

The best thing about our move to England has been the friendliness of the people and how welcoming they have been. We will be sad to leave our new friends when we head back Down Under"

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Secondary Teacher Rebecca about Bristol

"My experiences have all been positive. Since coming to Bristol I've been all over the UK to places such as Bath, Stone Henge, Wells, Weston Super-Mare, Cheddar & Glastonbury. Wales is pretty close, so it is next on my list as well as Dartmoor, York and many other places throughout England. During the Easter holidays I went through Europe (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, & France) and had a great time. In a week I am also going on a Mediterranean cruise and then off to Rome! It's possible to do all these things during either the school holidays, weekends or even during the school term if you wish, working as a supply teacher through Protocol Education, as it provides the flexibility to do so.

Bristol is great place to live as town is quite close to most places (being smaller than Australia). The night life is good, plus there's the beautiful Bristol University, the museum, Aquarium and good shops, to name a few things"

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Secondary Teacher Chantelle about Cambridge

"Starting out teaching in Cambridge! The best thing has been meeting the other teachers that work at my teaching agency, Protocol Education. There are 10 of us Australians that started supply teaching in Cambridge around the same time and we all catch up during the week for a movie or a chat and then at the weekend we usually meet up in the park for a de-brief and some leisure sport time which is really nice. It is great having people to talk to that are going through the same thing since there is a lot to see and learn every day. There is so much to talk about and we learn a lot from each other about different schools, the education system here, behaviour management strategies and the funny slang that they use in this country and what it actually means e.g. 'our school netball team is pants'! It's like having a second family and we have already started talking about visiting each other in our home states when our adventure here is over and we go back to Oz. In between the teaching there are lots of drinks, laughs and travel which have been fantastic. I definitely recommend this adventure to teachers thinking about a change in scenery and meeting new people.
I started out doing supply teaching around Cambridge for the first 6 weeks and still remember my first class on my first day vividly. I was quite worried that all of the horror stories about teaching in the UK were true but in fact they were some of the loveliest students that I have ever taught. I had a group of Year 7 girls for netball and they all wanted to help me carry the equipment to PE and they actually asked me if they could please go for a run to warm up, I remember their skill level wasn't the best compared to Australian students but they really tried and were very courteous and enthusiastic. My first day was a success! During my 6 weeks of supply I found most of the schools to be the same way, all very well mannered students who try their best. Now I am working in a maternity leave position for 6 months at a nice small school. The students are very enthusiastic about having an Australian PE teacher and I really don't have any behaviour management issues, which was surprising. The staff are friendly and it's been great to meet so many new people and learn about the UK National Curriculum which has fantastic resources for the PE curriculum and assessment"

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Primary Teacher Louise about Teaching in Essex UK

"As an NQT it was a daunting prospect moving to a new country and placing my financial security in an agency's hand. My decision to go with Protocol Education was one of the best decisions that I have made. Since arriving in January I have worked every day.

Aside from the financial worries, the Protocol Education team were always available to discuss any concerns or questions that I had, regardless whether or not they were to do with education. It is their willingness to go beyond their job descriptions that has made my move to the UK so much easier.

I would highly recommend the Havering district as work is always available and the schools are very welcoming.
I cannot speak highly enough of Protocol Education and would recommend them to anyone considering a move to the UK"

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