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Protocol Education offers Australian Teachers an all-round experience when coming to teach in the UK. One thing is for sure though - the work you get will be the most important part of your stay! Here are some questions we are often asked regarding types of UK teaching work. Please click on a question to view the answer.


How do I know I will get enough day to day supply work to support myself in the UK?

The great thing about teaching in the UK is that there is always plenty of work available. We work with nearly 1000 schools across London alone (and nearly 4000 across England) so it is fair to say we've got the runs on the board! Nearly all of our Aussie teachers who are available 5 days per week are working 5 days per week; we have the work, we have the schools, we just need you!

Don't forget too that we can actually guarantee your casual teaching in England; this provides you with a safety net before you leave Australia. Visit here for more information on our Guaranteed Work Schemes.

What if I don’t like a school that I have been to?

If you are not happy after a day of supply teaching do let your consultant know. They will listen to your feedback and if you do not want to go back to any one school they will ensure that is noted on your file. It is important to consider if it is the school or just one particular class. Sometimes a school can be really great but a class can be particularly challenging. You will want to bear in mind that the more schools you don’t want to go to the less schools the consultants have to send you back to. As you go along and get used to UK schools it will get easier!

What if I love a school I have been to?

Tell your consultant! Feedback is key and consultants will make an effort to book you into schools that you really like and that really like you! Their goal is to keep both you and their schools happy. If you love a school - and assuming you have told your consultant - when that school calls back to book a casual teacher your name will be flagged and you will get priority!

Leaving a Long-Term Role

If you are in a long term teaching contract through Protocol Education and something happens please do not panic. Life is unpredictable and it can be very difficult especially when you are so far away. Our consultants do understand that and will try to accommodate you as best as possible, whether this means finding temporary cover or filling your current position.

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What should I do if after a day of supply the school asks me to come back the next day?

If you are free for work the next day and would like to go back feel free to say yes! After you have told the school you are happy to go back just give your consultant a call to let them know so they can block it out in your diary and make sure you get paid for that day!

If I live in Northwest London who do I work for…the North office or the West office?

We have an open pool of candidates so you can work for both! There will be a consultant who looks after the area that you are living in but if you are on the borders of two areas it is easy to travel to both. Feel free to call in for work to both branches. This is ideal for you as it will increase your chances for work. You will meet the consultants who look after schools in your area at your UK Induction. At your induction, you may not yet know where you are going to settle down, but do not worry! Protocol Education is very flexible and understands that you may be moving around a lot when you first arrive.

Who should I talk to if I am concerned about work or not happy?

Please feel free to speak to your local consultant at first as they are working with you directly – if you don’t feel comfortable speaking to them or want outside support please feel free to contact the International Coordinators. This team are your support network when teaching in the UK; please do keep in touch with them during your stay and let them know how you are getting on!

What is classified as a Permanent Teaching Role?

A permanent teaching position means that the school has hired you directly and you are no longer paid on Protocol Education timesheets (like you are when you are in a long term role). When you are in a Permanent role the school pays you a salary which includes sickness cover and holiday pay. A permanent role lasts indefinitely and can start at any time but generally starts at the beginning of a term. Or in some cases a Teacher will initially be in a long term contract with a school and then after one or two terms be made permanent.

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If you are interested in a permanent role how do you go about applying for jobs?

Please let your local consultant know that you are interested in permanent work and they will ensure to keep you in the loop should any suitable positions come up. If you are on a supply day at a school and you see that they are advertising for a permanent teacher let your consultant know so they can speak to the school about you and your interest in the role. Read more about permanent teaching roles.

When do I get paid if I am permanent at a school?

It may differ from school to school but generally when you are in salaried employment in the UK you receive your salary once a month. Tax and NI contributions, as with any job in the UK, are worked out according to your tax code, which the Tax Office will process once you start working. This will be taken from your salary each month, so you have no need to worry about doing your own taxes.

Day to day supply, long term contract or permanent?  

It depends on your personal needs. Casual relief teaching in the UK is a good option if you are keen to do some travelling and/or planning on taking long weekends etc. Day to day supply is very much guided by your schedule and what you want to do. It is also a good way to get to know schools and make a more educated decision about where you would want to be for the long-term.

A short-term contract is a good option if you want consistent work but not sure if you want to commit on a permanent basis. In a short-term contract you will have the consistency of steady work at the one school but you are able to get to know if you are happy at the school before you commit on a permanent basis. Permanent work is just that - permanent. If your plan is to stay and teach in the UK indefinitely this is probably ideal for you. Permanent work also gives you the opportunity to get even more involved in school life and all the extracurricular activities and career development that a school has to offer. Check out these pages: Travel Deals, Supply and Short Term Work, Long-Term Work and Permanent Teaching Work.

Can I still keep in contact with Protocol Education even if I have been made permanent at a school?

Of course you can! We love keeping in contact with our teachers and hearing all about how they are getting on in their careers. We are always here to help at any point in your journey!

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